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Since Harley signed up so many goddamn abilities that he broke his post, effective immediately there will be 2 changes:

1. Completed characters should be posted here, as well as any accepted abilities. Characters & abilities being submitted for acceptance, however, should still be posted in the Sign-Up threads. For now, I'm keeping NPCs in "More KH Stuff," but that may change.

2. For now, I'm instituting a 100 ability cap for any given character.

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Re: Characters

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Name: Euryale Rakshashi
Age: 18
Appearance: In her native world, Euryale's upper body takes the form of a dark-skinned woman with yellow eyes, shoulder-length red hair, & a large bust. She has a simple mermaid's tail, though her scales are crimson. To match with her hair & tail, her seashell bra is also red.

Because she grew up with mermaid notions of modesty, this is reflected in her attire when she attains the ability to become human. She retains her top. Since she has never owned pants, she uses the "skirt" of her Keyblade armor instead.

Speaking of her armor, it features a "skirt" of long bronze plates & a breast plate with curves mimicking her abs & distinctive pecs. Rings at her shoulders secure a red cape, which splits into a "v" about midway down her calves. There are also bronze guards on her wrists & ankles. Connecting these pieces are thinner plates with a red tint, which also form her gloves & shoes. Finally, she has a [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], only the headpiece is red & there are no openings, just the one-way black plates common to Keyblade Armor.

In Halloween Town, she first simply resumed her mermaid form, but after a few suggestions from Roatha & some ideas of her own, she modified her form to that a creature whose lower body is a black snake with a dull red underbelly. Her top became a backless thing that resembled flared bat wings. She also has the pupils of a snake.

On The Grid, her hair looks mostly the same, but is less vibrant & stiffer, the tips pointing in towards her lips, & she has triangular bronze clips on each temple. Her clam bra is replaced by a black tube top. This matches fingerless gloves running up to her elbows & long black pants, culminating in shoes from her armor. Bronze lines go up her pants from the shoes to form circles on her kneepads, & a similar thing happens from short bronze spikes at her elbows, lines extending from them, wrapping around her forearm, & culminating in circles on her fists. The edges & handle of her Keyblade glow, & a glowing blue line travels up its very center.
Type: Mermaid.
Homeworld(s): Euryale has never left Atlantica.
Reason(s): Not yet joined. After being banished from Atlantica, she needed a new home with new friends.
Bio: Euryale comes from a salvage family--mermaids that live at the base of the continental shelf & harvest garbage that floats down from the human world to either dispose of it properly or, if it has use as a raw material, sell it. Because of her status as an outsider & her association with the human world, she is generally looked down upon by other mermaids, something that became more difficult when her merparents succumbed to illness 2 years ago. However, it also means that she became friends with Ariel, one of King Triton's daughters. The 2 aren't particularly close as Euryale doesn't share Ariel's enthusiasm, but they often swim together on salvage hunts, on the condition that Ariel only take what can't be used, & sometimes Ariel invites her to events.
Keyblade(s): [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].
Glider: A chariot with large, spiked wheels that are also on fire, with a nearly 3 foot spike on the front of the chariot. The glider is designed to simply ram through enemy defenses, with Euryale controlling it via a set of reins made of chain links.
Style: Wrath of Land & Sea: Euryale learns mostly a variety earth-or-water assisted attacks. Though all of her attacks are powerful, the water-based ones tend to have limited range unless she is in a body of water, while her earth attacks are naturally useless away from the ground & solid rock. A heavy-hitting fighter with medium length Keyblades, she uses her free hand for grappling & brawling.
Stalagmite Slash: Swings the Keyblade into the ground, causing a rock spike to shoot up near the point of impact.
Rockslide: Strikes the ground, causing large boulders to haphazardly fly in that general direction.
Quake: Magic that makes the ground shake, causing enemies to stumble.
Shockwave: Swings the Keyblade into the ground, causing a trail of stone spikes to shoot out for about 10 feet.
Meteor Crash: Pulls chunks of rocks out of the ground, does a flip, & brings it all crashing down on an enemy with a diving slash.
Geo Impact: Stabs the Keyblade into the ground, causing 3 large, fat spikes of rock to shoot up around her.
Meteor Hammer: Rocks can be made to rotate around the blade for extra crushing power in her swings.
Meteor Shots: Rocks from Meteor Hammer can be fired off either all at once, one at a time, or anywhere in between. Can be steered in midair, but lack power individually.
Demolition: One of Euryale's few magic attacks. She holds the Keyblade into the sky as it & her begin to glow magenta. Several series of 4 magenta circles will then appear around on the ground, where she wills. Moments later, rocks will converge on these circles, trapping & crushing anything within, before exploding with violent force, damaging trapped & nearby enemies with shrapnel & shockwaves. In theory, this attack can be continued indefinitely. In practice, she can barely move while using it, making her an easy target.
Ayers Rock: Punch the Keyblade into the ground, surrounding it with a huge monolith & enhancing its range. Rock is brittle & breaks apart where impacted, but the sword can be regenerated by punching the Keyblade back into the ground.
Sand Snare: Combined water & earth attack. Scoop up sand with the Keyblade & perform a jumping slash. Sticky quicksand ensnares small enemies, restricts their movements, & forces them to the ground.
Lava Launcher: Should any of Euryale's mines explode underneath her, she can swing the Keyblade to disperse the effect away from herself as a wave of lava.
Waterspout: With a spinning attack, she generates a small tornado of water around herself that does little damage, but pushes enemies away.
Water Dash: Dashes forwards, creating waves of water around her. May also spin, for extra power.
Torrent: Blasts water upward & swings the Keyblade, causing it to rain down on an enemy.
Blizzard: Fires a slow-moving ball of ice, whose strength & reach differs depending on the amount of water available.
Blizzara: Emits a small cloud that hovers in a spot, waiting for something to impact it, so that an explosion of ice spikes can trigger.
Blizagga: Emits a shotgun-style blast of ice crystals.
Wave Blitz: Jumping attack that brings a wave crashing down on an enemies. More water allows her to make the wave bigger & jump more times. Wave cannot exceed her jumping height or be wider than her attack reach.
Tsunami: Horizontal slash with water to extend the reach. So named because it could flood the battlefield, if enough water is present.
Meteor Raid: Throws the Keyblade with enough force to imitate a Meteor spell. More effective if she can throw it in the air.
Hammerblow: Two-handed upward swing attack that can potentially eject an enemy from the battlefield.
Ars Solum: Euryale & her Keyblade glow with a magenta aura, emitting sparks. In this state, she can sink into & emerge from the ground to target enemies freely as she delivers a series of 6 devastating blows that can cause shockwaves if she hits the ground.
Land Mine: Two-handed stab with the Keyblade that puts the ground under such pressure that anything that touches it will cause it to explode in a blast of fire & earth.
Catapult: Knock all but the largest foes into the air with either a Keyblade slash or a rock pillar.
Meteodrive: Grab opponent with legs or arms & slam them into the ground at high speed. More effective from higher up.
Explosion: A 2-handed swing that, upon striking the ground, causes a flash & burst of friction & concussive energy. Stones torn from the earth will spin around, striking enemies multiple times.
Rock Rend: Slashes the ground, creating a fissure.
High Jump: Focusing her power at her feet allows her to jump twice her height.
Defender: When attacking or blocking, if struck from the front, small & medium attacks have a 0% chance of stopping her or throwing her back, large attacks have a 25% chance, & very large attacks have a 50% chance.
Stoneskin: Take half damage from physical attacks, resist petrification & instant death moves.
Waterfall: If knocked into the air, quickly twists & gather water to propel her back down while attacking.
Mermaid Kick: Abnormally fast swim that can oppose basic tidal forces.
Crush: Successive (3+) physical attacks will break guards.
Other: As one might expect, when transfigured into a human through magic, she loses her natural mermaid abilities, mainly increased resistance to bleeding & temperature, as well as a respiratory tract designed to work on water or land. Should she be in mermaid form when she dons her armor, it will simply only include the top half & the skirt.

Name: Nero Schwarz
Age: 18
Appearance: Nero has pale skin, blue eyes, & shoulder-length black hair. He wears the Black Coat that Organization members who operate in the open use to identify each other &, ironically, conceal their identities.

Nero's Keyblade Armor is just going to be a [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

In Halloween Town, Nero's Black Coat becomes more ragged & changes shape slightly, so that when moving his arms, he appears to be moving large, shredded wings. Some of his hair also stands up, resembling bat ears or small horns. Finally, his eyes become slightly more reflective, his teeth sharper, & his skin paler.
Type: Human.
Homeworld(s): Twilight Town, The World That Never Was
Reason(s): To see the worlds & protect them from evil.
Bio: As Roatha & Nero grew up in Twilight Town, they both received informal training from the town's weird dildo battle competition. But when it wasn't summer, & thus too cold for the beach & not the Struggle season, their hobbies shifted to videogames & exploration. In their explorations, they claimed to have discovered a phantom door in the clock tower & apparitions in the tunnels & in & around the abandoned mansion. Well, it turned out that these "apparitions" were escapees from a Heartless Experiment that the Order was still tracking down the remnants of. So 3 years ago, when Binah came to purge the town of darkness, she learned of these tales & tracked the boys down. As they talked, Nero let slip that, not knowing what they were, he had tried to tempt the Heartless into coming to him. Concerned at his rashness, Binah lied, & claimed that only Roatha had the ability to wield the Keyblade. However, recently, a man from the Organization came to Twilight Town, & informed Nero of the ruse. After he performed the Rite of Succession, he offered to bring Nero to other worlds, which held secrets that even Binah did not know. For a time, Nero would sneak out of Twilight Town to investigate other worlds, but this wasn't enough, and so the moment he turned 18, he announced that he was "moving out," & took up permanent residence in the Organization's castle. Since that day, he has only communicated with his family sparsely, through letters.
Keyblade(s): [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Glider: Nero's glider takes a form similar to bat wings. Extending down from near the point is a bar for Nero to hold on to, & he controls its direction with the position of his body. The Glider is heavily geared towards offense, & is capable of generating purple homing lasers from the 10 spikes at the back, firing them all at once. They persist for several seconds, or until impacting a target, at which point they explode & cause a buildup of dark crystal, which interferes with the target's movements & actions (by virtue of unbalancing them or possibly blocking off attack ports & engines) until it is shaken off. The handle bar is a critical weak point, thus for defense, all Nero can really do is swing the glider forward & use its top as a shield, but this is risky, because the laser ports & engine are also easily damaged.
Style: Distant Darkness: As the name would suggest, Nero primarily uses the powers of darkness, to engage long-range enemies with the use of projectile, teleportation, & absorption style techniques. His Keyblades are somewhat long range. Because he's very limited at short range, he also learns a few attacks to hurl enemies away.
Collision Magnet: Conjures a rope of darkness that grabs an enemy. He can then swing it like a flail, bashing other foes with it. If it is knocked loose, or deliberately thrown, it may hit another enemy like a projectile. Otherwise, the rope has little effect other than annoyance.
Magnet: Spell that draws in enemies & small objects by producing a dark orb from the tip of the Keyblade.
Magnet Burst: "Explode" a magnet spell, flinging enemies in direction of inertia.
Gravity: Create a dome of space-time that draws objects down or crushes them.
Zero Gravity: Create a field that causes everything within to float. Targets become confused if struck while floating.
Dark Thunder: Call down a blast of darkness that strikes like thunder.
Dark Fire: Shoots a blast of darkness at the enemy.
Dark Fira: Fires a large blast of darkness, bigger than a basketball, that can pass through multiple foes.
Dark Firaga: Fire sustained bursts of dark blasts at the enemy. Individually weak, but add up, & have strong homing.
Dark Firaja: Releases a spray of highly powerful dark flames immediately in front of the Keyblade. Effectively a smaller, more easily sustained version of Roatha's Fire Funnel.
Dark Barrier: Create a small shield of darkness that deflects attacks. Quick to appear, but takes a few seconds to disappear, & only 1 can be active at once.
Shadow Flare: Fires a basketball sized orb of darkness from the tip of the Keyblade that creates an enormous (12 foot diameter) explosion of darkness wherever it strikes.
Chaos Snake: Release an undulating bolt of dark lightning about as long as the Keyblade which chases a target throughout the battlefield, speeding up when nearby, & can be redirected through hand gestures. Can fire them indefinately, but not quickly.
Ragnarok: Charges an orb of darkness at the tip of the Keyblade & holds the pose for a post as the orb grows to a massive size. If charged fully, 2 dozen dark blasts will fire at targets, with the ability to turn & spiral on a dime. If interrupted, they will fire haphazardly, with little ability to turn or track.
Dark Blobs: Launch blobs of darkness from the Keyblade, up to 3 at a time. At a high angle, it will just strike the ground, but at a lower angle, it can be made to skip 3 times before disappearing. The orbs slightly track, & create poisonous puddles wherever they touch down.
Shadow Stitch: Strike the Keyblade on the ground, releasing dark cords that travel to a shadow & try to bind it, afflicting Stop on the owner. If multiple shadows overlap, all will be Stopped.
Shadow Slick: Swing the Keyblade, releasing a medium sized puddle of a slippery darkness. Can be used repeatedly, but puddles disappear within minutes.
Shadow Snare: By gesturing at shadows, he can cause 6 foot tendrils to emerge & bind targets. Tendrils are resistant to tearing, but weak in all other respects.
Transcendence: After ensnaring targets using Zero Gravity, send them flying using gestures, flinging them away or even slamming them into objects or each other. Cannot choose which targets will be affected, but won't affect targets unable to be moved.
Pulse Bomb: Launch an orbs of darkness from the tip of the Keyblade that travel freely until the Keyblade is rotated, at which point they produce large-sized spherical explosions.
Dark Raid: An enhanced version of the basic Strike Raid skill, once he's thrown the Keyblade, it will re-materialize in his hand near-instantly, effectively allowing him to attack while the Strike Raid is still going.
Magnet Raid: Attach magnet spell to Keyblade & throw it, resulting in a Raid attack that sucks up small enemies as it goes.
Blow Off: Generates a dark claw on his free hand, allowing him to grapple an enemy, swing around it, & detonate it, doing small damage to the foe & hurling it in the direction of his choice.
Dark Splicer: Utilizes a quick combo of Dark Corridor & attack. The attack, powered by darkness, may inflict Stop. The longer it is chained, the greater the risk to the user, both from attacks & from the darkness.
Dark Break: Jumps up to 4 times his height to deliver attacks enhanced with darkness. Darkness will emit a small shockwave whenever it strikes an object.
Dark Dance: Rapidly swings the Keyblade around himself emitting arcs of darkness magic. Arcs do not travel far, but fling enemies back.
Dark Aura: Series of dark dashes, culminating with stabbing the Keyblade into the ground, producing pillars of darkness around him that can cause confusion.
Shadow Raid: Hurl the Keyblade. The shadows of the Keyblade become more Keyblades as they ricochet around, striking multiple targets.
Dark Haze: Dashing attack imbued with darkness, 1/4 chance of inflicting Doom on struck targets.
Shadow Slide: Slowly become a shadow. Once there, he can either move around like the Shadow & Neo Shadow Heartless, or he can quickly teleport out of any other shadow.
Shadow Leap: Used in conjunction with Shadow Slide, Nero can leap high out of the shadows, much faster than he went in, scattering the darkness by swinging his Keyblade.
Bladecharge: Use dark power to dramatically increase the range of the Keyblade by coating it in an energy sword. Blade will diminish in size as energy is exhausted, though it can be revitalized by sweeping darkness across it.
Umbral Eater: Use the Keyblade to strip away excess darkness from an area, which can then be used to augment normal attacks. Greater amounts of darkness take longer to absorb, & darkness eventually redistributes when not being absorbed.
Overshadow: Temporarily become darkness itself. Immune to physical attacks, but being struck by magic will disable the effect & result in unconsciousness. The exception is darkness, which heals. Can only be used after Umbral Eater.
Shadow Walker: Passive haste & float effect, manifests in dark wisps at the feet.
Other: Nero has a talent for tracking people through their dark scent, being able to pick up even the small amount of darkness from momentary negative outbursts.

Name: Roatha
Age: 17
Appearance: Roatha has white skin, blue-green eyes, & unkempt brown hair. He wears black sneakers & a red cloak that zips in the front, but unlike the Organization cloaks, lacks the fancy bells & whistles & only zips down to his sternum. He usually wears the hood down. Underneath this he has an orange shirt. Hanging off of the zipper of his cloak is a [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].

Roatha's Keyblade Armor isn't smooth like most, but ridged, resembling sinew. It is black, fading to dark blue at his gloves, which are clawed, his neck, & his boots, which are ornamented with talon-like structures. The helmet is blank black, with silver borders resembling sharp toothed jaws. At the top, it bulges slightly, with openings containing red jewels, & short points sticking out from the back. He has a cape similar to Thiera's, but it is blue. His chest plate is adorned with the symbol on his zipper pendant in normal form, only blue with a silver border. The blue portions will be red, should he be in his berserk state.

On The Grid, Roatha will retain a black version of the cloak, with a blue-white zig-zag going down the front. Instead of the inside glowing a solid color, as with most cloaks on The Grid, the inside is covered in a pattern of glowing lines in the shape of an 8-point star. The rest of his outfit will be a skintight gray, with blue-white lines running down the tops & bottoms of his arms, becoming Fleur de Lys on his gloves. He also has glowing lines distinguishing his waist & knee joints, & replacing his shoelaces. He will wear a kind of plain, disc-like hat. His armor will be drained of color, save for the blue parts, which will glow. Faint blue-white lines will also appear along the "sinew" of the armor. In both cases, the Berserk state will turn these lines a deep red. The Ultima Weapon's blues will be more pronounced, almost glowing, while the Omega Weapon's gold parts will take on a more reddish-orange glowing appearance, & the rest will become drained of color.

In Halloween Town, Roatha donned a sheet, which is long enough that his feet can't be seen. After some protesting, he added to this a Jack-O-Lantern mask & burned the front of the costume to resemble autopsy stitches. He then used pins to create sleeves so that the costume wouldn't fly off whenever he attacked. While transformed, the costume becomes decidedly more monstrous. The mask becomes a distorted skull, grimacing & with sharp teeth. The sheet turns black, emanating wisps of darkness. His arms also turn back, his fingers becoming clawed. Finally, the stitching in front bursts open, revealing sharp ribs.

In Atlantica, Roatha has a silvery blue tail, which becomes reddish black & jagged while berserk.
Type: Human.
Homeworld(s): Twilight Town, Land of Departure
Reason(s): To see the worlds & protect them from evil.
Bio: As Roatha & Nero grew up in Twilight Town, they both received informal training from the town's weird dildo battle competition. But when it wasn't summer, & thus too cold for the beach & not the Struggle season, their hobbies shifted to videogames & exploration. In their explorations, they claimed to have discovered a phantom door in the clock tower & apparitions in the tunnels & in & around the abandoned mansion. Well, it turned out that these "apparitions" were escapees from a Heartless Experiment that the Order was still tracking down the remnants of. So 3 years ago, when Binah came to purge the town of darkness, she learned of these tales & tracked the boys down. Binah requested a private meeting with Roatha & his parents, under the pretense that she was one of his teachers. She revealed to them certain truths about the Keyblade--but kept the existence of other worlds a secret. At first, Roatha's parents were understandably wary of allowing him to go stay with some strange woman, but Binah won them over by pointing out that, while most children struggle to find their place in society, the cosmos was literally handing Roatha his purpose on a silver platter. Roatha began training in the Land of Departure. Though he is aware of the dangers inherent in his job, he somewhat naively believes that the darkness cannot taint him because he & his friends are good people.
Keyblade(s): [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] & [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].
Glider: Roatha's glider is modeled to resemble a [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], albeit with its mouth open, & without the legs or the Heartless emblem. It is normally the blue Final Mix color, but should he be in his berserk state, it will be red. The same holds true for its exhaust & lightning attack--the eyes will glow & there will be an orb of lightning in its mouth before an approximately 9 foot in diameter sphere of lightning explodes around the glider. He controls the Glider's functions with handlebars on the sides of the neck.
Style: Blitzerker. A godawful name that refers primarily to speed of attack, although he is associated with lightning, light, & fire. He focuses on dealing quick attacks, accompanied with a release of magical power. The 2nd component of the name refers to being able to tap into hidden powers when sufficiently enraged, producing a 2nd Keyblade. In this state, his magic is powered up & he gains the affinity of moon, however, his light changes to darkness. The berserk status will also put him in this state, effectively making him immune to its ability to silence magic, but not its ability to cloud the user's judgment. However, he cannot use this state while calm.
Rage Unleashed: Before he gained his 2nd Keyblade, this simply enhanced his speed & attacks. Now, it produces a 2nd Keyblade in an explosion of Moon power, & completely changes his moveset. Obviously, the explosion will be larger the more exposed he is to the moon, & his attacks will have extra bite due to being performed with 2 weapons.
Lightning Strike: Swing the Keyblade, a bolt of lightning striking anything that it impacts. In his berserk state, the lightning will be red, & will strike the point of impact 3-4 times.
Flametongue: Slash with burning Keyblade. In berserk, the flames will extend range slightly.
Thunderwheel: Spins the Keyblade in front of him & charges, the Keyblade emitting lightning as he does so. In his berserk state, he dashes farther, emitting a wake of moon-fire as he passes. The lightning is also red.
Fire Funnel: Thrusts the Keyblade out, creating a funnel of fire a little over twice as long as it, just under 3 feet wide at the end. In his berserk state, the funnel has a slight drawing effect on nearby enemies, & any enemy that hits the blade will also be struck by red lightning. He can swing it around, but it only lasts for about a second.
Thunder: Magic attack. Use the Keyblade to conduct lightning to strike a foe. In berserk, the only change is a strike from the additional blade, & the lightning being red.
Ars Arcanum: Using a series of electric jolts to boost his moving & attacking speed, Roatha launches a damaging combo of attacks. In his berserk state, the attacks are wreathed in moon fire.
Faith: Charges light on the end of his Keyblade before striking the ground. Pillars of light then radiate outwards, damaging those outside of the epicenter, but healing those inside. In his berserk state, these become pillars of darkness. In exchange for losing their healing properties, they can cause blindness, poison, &/or berserk. Either way, a longer charge time produces a bigger blast & more healing.
Magic Hour: Speed becomes greatly increased for about 7 seconds, allowing Roatha to dart around the battlefield. During this time, striking the ground with the Keyblade will cause a pillar of light to explode upwards. In the Berserk State, these become pillars of darkness.
Explosion Raid: Hurl the Keyblade, wreathed in fire, & cause it to produce an explosion upon contact with an enemy. Berserk State allows the attacks to pass through multiple enemies, creating multiple explosions.
Fire: Shoots a fireball, but with heavy recoil. Berserk State allows him to either fuse the 2 fireballs into a larger one that explodes on contact, or fire them in rapid succession by alternating Keyblades.
Fira: Prompts pillars of fire to appear beneath targets with the Keyblade. Only change while berserked is a 2nd pillar of fire.
Firaga: Points the Keyblade at a target, generating 3 spheres around it, which converge & explode on impact, causing staggering if somehow blocked. In berserk, the 2nd Keyblade can be used to doublecast.
Holy Arrows/Unholy Arrows: Generate 4 cruciform arrows of light that briefly hover before firing straight or in a fan formation, depending on whether they were generated by a stab or a slash. Explode on contact. In berserk state, not only are they made of darkness, faster, & he can generate twice as many, they also have strong homing capabilities.
Firewheel: A cartwheel accompanied by flames. When berserked, there are also 2 smaller side wheels.
Thundara: Points the Keyblade at a target & fire several bolts of lightning at them. In berserk state, it is red, he can fire more by using the 2nd Keyblade, & he also has a limited ability to curve it around obstacles.
Thundaga: Creates a ring of electricity around himself, & after a second, anything within is struck by a bolt of lightning. In Berserk, the lightning is red & there are several bolts.
Pearl: Spin the Keyblade, generating a slow moving ball of light that tracks the nearest target. Spinning the Keyblade more times will make it larger & allow it to take more resistance before dissipating. In berserk state, he can release 2 orbs at a time, they are made of darkness, & they drip poison.
Chakram: A flaming wheel is released from the Keyblade as it strikes. In Berserk State, these wheels are smaller, but more numerous.
Fire Dance: Leap into the air & swing the Keyblade like a flail, creating arcs of fire around himself. While Berserked, fireballs will also shoot out at nearby targets.
Firestorm: Swing the Keyblade, sending out fireballs that impact the ground, resulting in pillars of lightning bursting from the ground. In Berserk State, this also turns the floor to lava, & the lightning is red.
Raging Storm: Spinning the Keyblade above his head to gather pillars of lightning around himself, Roatha runs around, ramming enemies. In Berserk State, he can use the power of darkness to unexpectedly appear elsewhere while casting it. Of course, the lightning is red.
Event Horizon: Wreath the Keyblade in light, do a flip, & bring it crashing down, causing light pillars to travel in the direction of the slash. If it is stabbed into the ground, some of the light pillars will fly every which way. In berserk state, these become darkness, it can be used successively by charging each Keyblade (or doubled by using both at once), & an explosion of moon fire occurs at the epicenter of each blast, around Roatha & the Keyblades.
Spark Raid: Hurl the Keyblade. Upon impact, splits into Keyblades of light & ricochets to hit multiple targets. While berserked, this becomes the nearly identical Shadow Raid.
Buzzsaw Raid: Throw Keyblade out, causing it to spin for 5 revolutions before coming back. Can be freely manipulated during this time. In Beserk, elements can be added to blades.
Lunatic High: Bathing in moonlight gradually heals his wounds. Only accessible in berserk state.
Delta Attack: Use light to create a pair of after-images. In Berserker State, create a pair of shadowy clones to assist in battle. Once hit, clones disperse, requiring nearly a minute to re-summon. Only accessible by full moon's light.
Trinity: After using Delta Attack, when creating a triangular formation, the clones can be sacrificed to create an orb at the tip of the Keyblade & a glyph on the ground. When the 2 meet, a flare-like explosive column will be triggered. In Berserk State, it will also rain moon fire down on enemies that get too close.
Haste: Golden aura erupts from the Keyblade, enveloping the target & hastening it for 5 minutes.
Hastera: Golden dome erupts from the Keyblade, casting haste on all those within.
Other: As is often the case, Roatha is sometimes granted permission to visit his home world, but Nero hasn't told him anything yet, & he hasn't been back since Nero left.

Name: Lilith Psyche
Age: 22
Appearance: Lilith has fair skin, green eyes, & red hair that she ties into a long braid down her back, while allowing her bangs to frame her face. She wears black jeans, a pink belt, black sneakers, a pink shirt with white flower patterns. She also wears a cloak similar to Roatha's, though hers is black & has a white rose as the pendant.

Lilith's Keyblade Armor is similar to Euryale's, in that it features thick plates at her wrists, arms, & chest, with a skirt of pleated metal. Unlike Euryale's, these plates are not curved, but more boxlike. She also has squarish plates over her shoulder/upper arm areas. These are all red, with green "vines" running over them. Her thinner under armor is a purplish-black color. Poking out from under the skirt are ragged strips of green fabric. The one-way material of her helmet is framed by more red plates, forming a distinctive chin piece, brow, & sloping helmet that forms a protrusion covering the back & sides of her neck. A slightly uneven, 3-pronged green branch extends from the forehead piece for a little over 6 inches.

In the Pride Lands, Lilith becomes a black cobra. Running along her back is a red pattern resembling thorny vines, culminating in twin lotus flowers on her hood. In this state, she wields the Keyblade by winding her tail around its handle & guard, essentially making both ends of her deadly.
Type: Human.
Homeworld(s): Castle of Dreams, Land of Departure
Reason(s): She wanted to do something more hands-on & important than what is typically expected of a noblewoman.
Bio: The first born of the latest generation of the Psyche family. The Keyblade Order first reached out to the Psyches with Binah, as having Keyblade Masters on-hand to protect Cinderella, one of the Princesses of Heart, seemed to be an ideal situation. She was first trained in magic by Cinderella's own Fairy Godmother, but has learned under most good-aligned spellcasters that you can name. She has passed this training on to her children. When Binah was named Successor, she brought her daughters to the Land of Departure to train. Lilith is one of the few who remember Senthose during his time with the Order. As they were the same age, they took to each other, & some say that a love blossomed between them. However, when he announced that he was leaving & asked her to come with him, she accused him of greed & irresponsibility. Harsh words became blows & that was when they realized that they crossed the point of no return. At some point, Senthose sank into a Dark Corridor. Though she was expecting a surprise counterattack, he simply forfeited the battle & never returned. Lilith continued her training &, though there are no ranks other than "Student," "Master," & "Successor," because of her seniority, she supervises human recruits. Most recently, she's conducted a few missions searching for Artexi. She had suspicions of the creepy Vizier, but Binah ordered her to come back until they could organize a larger force to investigate.
Keyblade(s): [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Glider: Lilith's glider takes the form of a pink-red flower bud, with a few of the petals swept back. The glider is highly maneuverable, & can shoot quick laser pulses from the point. In a pinch, the petals at the back can fold forward & generate a barrier, but this state has a couple of drawbacks. First, the laser cannot be used in this state. Second, it leaves the engine unprotected. When first summoned, it's actually just in the shape of a flower. Lilith stands in it, & then the petals fold around her.
Style: Wilting Blossom: Lilith has a relatively long Keyblade & fights alternating between quick, single-handed strikes & stronger dual-handed strikes. In either case, she can summon parts of plants to produce various beneficial or negative effects.
Ivybind: Points the Keyblade at the target & turns it, generating thorny vines which can bind their limbs (bind or disable), mouth (silence), or eyes (blind). Unlike other moves, the effect can be dispelled by tearing away the vines, though this is obviously painful.
Ivysnatch: A variant of of Ivybind that functions similar to Collision Magnet.
Cure: Calls forth a golden flower that rains pollen down over a small area, healing those inside.
Seedshot: Unleash a quick salvo of seeds at the target(s). Some of these shots will burst from the target as large flowers, causing additional damage.
Poison Strike: Her blade is now wreathed in purple venom, which can also affect any attacks she makes with it. Anyone struck by this venom will experience pain, sickness, & fatigue, hampering their fighting ability. At low levels of health, it may even prove fatal. She can bid the blade to stop secreting toxins, but otherwise, it functions automatically.
Forest of Oblivion: A magic attack. She stabs the Keyblade into the ground, & sharp branches will emerge from the ground to assault her target from all sides. Can strike through multiple targets. The name is a pun on the fact that it can cause confusion.
Absorption: Lashes out with roots that surround her Keyblade & stretch her reach about 2 feet. If the attack connects, she will drain health from the opponent & into herself.
Poppy: Generates a seed on her hand or Keyblade. If the attack connects, it will explode into dust, which can put enemies to sleep. Can create more seeds with longer preparation, which creates a larger cloud.
Resin Raid: Hurls the Keyblade & wreaths it in a sticky goop. Any target struck by it becomes covered in resin & moves slowly. When the resin dries, the foe will be stopped, can break free. They may also be broken free by an attack, but this will damage them extensively.
Bramble Bomb: Launches a football-sized seed both covered & filled with sharp structures. Not only causes damage if it strikes, it also explodes after a few seconds, sending out shrapnel that can cause blindness.
Salve: Produces a liquid that can sooth negative status effects if applied over the affected area.
Amber: Covers the target in a quick-drying, hard sap that reflects magical attacks. The angle of deflection depends on the nature of the spell. Can be combined with Resin Raid.
Deathtrap: Grows a large pod on the tip of her Keyblade & lobs it at a target. If it misses, it dissolves. If it latches on, it secures itself with vines & grows into a Venus flytrap capable of devouring the target. Obviously takes longer with larger enemies. Effectively the same as Doom. The flytrap can be removed, but with difficulty, as it regenerates rapidly. Upon devouring a target, it dissolves, leaving nothing behind.
Zantetsuken: Readies a charging, lateral slash, which attempts to slice all enemies she can reach in half. Preceded by cherry blossoms falling around her, for some reason.
Lotus: Generates a lotus flower shaped barrier around a target for a brief time, which functions similar to Thiera's Aeroga, but boosts physical & magical abilities, instead of dealing damage.
Death in Bloom: Spins, using the Keyblade to emit a spherical storm of petals that expands outwards. Will restore the status of anyone inside, but mercilessly rip apart anyone outside, as well as strip away any beneficial status, but ONLY if the petals damage their targets.
Stigma Stem: Surrounded by a pink aura, Lilith slashes with the Keyblade, causing a green spike of wood to shoot up from the ground somewhere, impaling enemies. Can be produced at various angles. May also be charged up, as a 2-handed slash. This will cause small twigs to appear along the Keyblade & branch, & allow the stem to break guards & barrier spells.
Brainstem: An extension of Stigma Stem that allows Lilith to take nearly complete control of any enemies it strikes for as long as the stem is embedded within them. The stem becomes stretchy & pliable, allowing for movement. She can also choose to channel her poison through a controlled enemy, also making their attacks count as flower element. Its weaknesses are that she is limited to actions she can perform with her off-hand while it is in use, & smarter enemies have a 25% chance of fighting it off through willpower with each round.
Bark Barrier: Create a wall or ring of bark that will protect a target for a brief instant. Enemies who hit the bark will be damaged by its hard, rough surface. Cannot protect against fire or ice magic, but flower, water, or light magic will be reflected back against the caster even stronger.
Crown of Thorns: Produces the titular crown with a wave of the Keyblade. The crown can then be directed onto a target's head, where it will cause berserk for as long as it stays where it is.
Doubleflight: Creates a tornado of leaves underfoot that harmlessly pushes up & outwards. Deflects enemies & allows her to double-jump.
Status Ward: When she is infected by status effects that wear off, they expire in half of the time, even if she does nothing to heal them.
Sonic Slide: Moss appears at her feet, allowing her to dash at rapid speeds due to decreased friction. Can use her blade while dashing & dash repeatedly, but has little control over where she's going while doing so.
Cura: Conjures a ring of flowers that will heal anyone inside of it.
Bower of Doom: Grows a thick tangle of thorns around herself & the Keyblade, then slashes, throwing it over nearby enemies. Can cause Stop & Doom.
Lifecut: Ability which causes the sword to temporarily glow with healing energy, restoring health instead of taking it. Does not work with spells.
Chlorophyll: Physical attributes & healing speed doubled in bright sunlight, immune to light-elemental damage.
Other: Binah bought her the clothes while she was in Twilight Town, & tended to train her in the Land of Dragons.

Name: Thiera Psyche
Age: 16
Appearance: Thiera is your average Aryan girl. She wears a white, short-sleeved dress with a loose skirt extending just past her knees, long white socks, & the shoes from her armor. She also has a [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] near her left temple, about the size of a quarter.

Speaking of her armor, it is a pale silver with white accents. The upper arms & legs are silver, but the "gloves" & "boots" are white, as is the belt area. Bundled around her shoulders & trailing down her back is a white cape. The torso piece is also silver, with a white [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. Finally, the helmet is vaguely rectangular, albeit with rounded corners. It has a cross-shaped visor.

In the Pride Lands, she becomes a white cockatoo with yellow head feathers & odd piercing blue eyes. In this state, she wields the Keyblae in her claws. On The Grid, her [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] while her dress clings tighter to her, save the skirt, which elongates. Her sleeves reach down to form evening gloves. Glowing blue lines go up the front and back of both of her arms & form a flame pattern on her skirt. As with KH2, the parts of the Oathkeeper that aren't white become blue.

In Atlantica, her skirt becomes a white mermaid tail, but with longer, more ribbon-like fins, including small fins on the side and back. The top of her dress loses the sleeves and takes on an appearance as though it is wrapped around her torso. Short strings of pearls hang off of it seemingly at random.
Type: Human.
Homeworld(s): Castle of Dreams, Land of Departure
Reason(s): Coming soon.
Bio: The second born of the latest generation of the Psyche family. Thiera was very young when she moved to the Land of Departure, but oddly took to the vestiges of her former home much better than Lilith, albeit she had to modify them a bit. Possibly, it was because she had to move less, or maybe they simply differed in what they were comfortable with. Thiera was always shy, and hardly remembers Senthose. She formally began training around the same time as Roatha. It was always evident that Roatha liked her, but she generally avoids the subject, because she isn't sure how she feels. Perhaps the culture gap between them is just too great.
Keyblade(s): [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.].
Glider: The front of the glider is a gold, 5 point star with faint eye & mouth markings on the front, although warped so that the center bulges out in a long, aerodynamic point, with the actual 5 points swept back. Emerging from under each of these points is a 6 foot wing with angelic white feathers. The wings are fully posable &, as the glider moves, emit a field of blue particles that is difficult to move through, causes minor damage, & deflects projectiles. As such, they can be used to form a shield in front of the Glider, lay a trap with its wake, or reach out to protect nearby gliders. From the back of the star extends 2 rods, which curve up & around, forming a vaguely heart-shaped seat for Thiera between the wings. Thiera conducts the movements of each wing individually with magic-assisted movements--golden light & crackling white energy emerge from her limb & pulses towards the wing.
Style: Defensive Magic: Thiera learns a variety of spells, but all have a healing/defensive aspect to them.
Cure: Restores vitality to a person.
Cura: Conjures a ring of flowers that will heal anyone inside of it.
Curaga: Tap the Keyblade on someone, generating a glyph of the Oathkeeper's crest, which will continue to heal anyone touching it until it is either dispelled or damaged by a physical or magical attack.
Curaja: Releases up to a dozen healing orbs which home in on targets, & can be steered to an extent with movements of the Oathkeeper. The downside is that they will dissipate if striking an object in their way, or worse, heal an enemy.
Lifecut: Ability which causes the sword to temporarily glow with healing energy, restoring health instead of taking it. Does not work with spells.
Blizzard: Fire a group of ice shards in front of her shotgun style, with a wide spread.
Blizzara: Shoots globs of slush from the tip of her Keyblade which freeze the ground where they hit, causing whoever steps on it to slide around.
Blizzard Blade: Freezes a target struck by her Keyblade. Can be combined with other physical attacks.
Blizzaga: Spins her Keyblade in her hands, releasing a powerful frozen gale from it.
Fire: Generate whirling rings of flame around herself.
Fira: Forms a stationary tower shield of flame from the tip of her Keyblade that lasts until she dispels the attack or moves.
Firaga: By swinging the Keyblade, she can "fling" the flames created by fire or fira, so they can push enemies or protect allies. Spells still function the same way, they have simply been moved.
Thunder: Holds the Keyblade up & causes a bolt of lightning to strike it, creating a dome of lightning around her. Anyone who isn't close enough to be protected under the dome, but is still close enough to be hit by the lightning will be, well, hit by lightning.
Thundara: Electrifies surface of target. Lightning radiates outward, causing anyone who touches the target to take damage.
Thundaga: Lightning strikes randomly around Thiera, lasting about 7 seconds. It will not strike her, nor anyone recently protected by her magic. Can be chained from Thunder.
Aero: Summons a quick cyclone around herself to repel attacks & attackers.
Aerora: The Aero shield pulses outwards when it is dispelled, hurling enemies away.
Aeroga: Anyone protected by Aero & Aerora will be temporarily surrounded by a sphere of air that dampens physical attacks & deflects minor projectiles.
Water: A surface the Keyblade strikes will become a 3x3 puddle, which a target can sink into. The puddle will fade from existence after about a minute.
Watera: Keeping the Keyblade trained on the puddle will cause it to slowly grow.
Waterga: The puddle can be instantly evaporated with a burst that will push targets away from it, knocking over small and medium sized enemies, and inflicting stun to any targets that impact a wall while in transit.
Circle Raid: Throws the Keyblade in a circular arc.
Reflect: Momentarily creates a spherical barrier that blocks any attack that doesn't specifically break through or bypass shields. Bounces projectiles back.
Reflega: Breaks the barrier, dealing strong damage to anyone just outside of it. Has both physical & magical properties.
Runic: Raise the Keyblade into the air, generating a dome of magic runes that will cause any spell inside to be harmlessly dissipated. Dome's size can be controlled, up to 12 feet across. She cannot attack or defend while using Runic.
Vanishing Blade: A slash that releases a "paint" which turns anyone it covers invisible.
Flashbang: Creates a cone of light & sound at the end of the Keyblade, which can be used to ward off enemies it is pointed at, lest they be blinded and deafened. Or the light can be launched on a wisdom shot, where it will burst upon hitting a target, deafening & blinding any enemies in the immediate area, as well as doing minor light damage.
Solar Flare: A sphere of light with a 6 foot radius surrounds her before exploding, doing strong light damage to anything in the immediate vicinity of the surface while also blinding them.
Light: Keyblade glows with luminous energy of the sun or moon. Can remain active even when casting other spells, but in addition to anything that cancels magic, effect will be removed if it is hit by dark abilities or if Thiera is knocked back.
Magic Cuff: When capturing a weapon or limb with the Oathkeeper, can place magic chains that will restrict motion and, if applicable, weaken spells cast from the chained limb or weapon. The chains are heavy, but only interact with objects that Thiera binds them to, so they will not increase damage.
Pacify: Essentially the opposite of berserk, a white mist is released that will make the target nonagressive until it is next attacked. The mist must completely envelop the target in order to work, making it difficult to use on larger or more maneuverable foes.
Magnet: Spell that draws in enemies & small objects by producing a dark orb from the tip of the Keyblade.
Magnera: The orb from Magnet can be redirected using the Keyblade. Fast travel but slow pull allows it to be directed through obstacles to pick up enemies, or used to bash enemies on objects.
Magnega: Generate orb around target which will repel attacks, while more stationary objects will be sucked in. After a few seconds, the orb will burst, flinging the trapped targets away.
Gravity: Cast a dome with a 6 foot diameter. Anything caught in the dome will be forced to the ground, with gravity reducing it to critical health. Enemies who resist gravity, are already at critical health, or who have large amounts of health will just receive average damage.
Zero Gravity: Create a field that causes everything within to float. Targets become confused if struck while floating.
Stop: Gold & silver hourglass-shaped chains shoot out of the Keyblade, binding & stopping a single target. Chains slowly dissolve, disappearing after 12 seconds.
Stopra: Spins with the Keyblade, creating the glowing, golden image of a sun dial beneath her. The Stop chains emerge to bind anyone within as the clock ticks down 12 seconds. However, it can be blocked by most barriers.
Relativity: If she is standing within 2 feet of a scene, she can cause it to rewind by rotating her Keyblade counter-clockwise in its general direction. This can be kept up for until the targets are out of range. After, any attackers' affected will be slowed & any defenders hastened. Obviously cannot work on herself.
Through the Looking Glass: Creates a distortion in the air, swapping places with a target reflected in it. The target has a 20% chance of being disoriented. 50% for less intelligent targets, like Heartless.
Ghost Drive: Warps space around a target the Keyblade is pointed at. As a result, any time they dodge or attack, they will simply disappear (leaving a brief after image behind) & reappear at the destination, so long as it is no more than 6 feet from their current location. Effect lasts about a minute. Recasting the spell causes its conditions to be reset.
Blink: Snaps her fingers, & anyone under the affects of another of her protective spells is surrounded by between 0 (spell misses) & 3 illusory after-images, which imitate their movements to confuse opponents. Targets can choose to modify the movement & lag speed of these after-images at will. Images vanish after about a minute, & stack with Ghost Drive.
Float: By creating sparkles of white magic, Thiera can slide just above the ground.
Glide: Leap into the air & shoot forward at triple her Float speed. Begins falling at a 30 degree angle after 10 seconds.
Wisdom Shot: Fires bursts of white magic from her Keyblade that can hit targets a few dozen feet away, be redirected with a wave of her Keyblade, & push back enemies. The downsides are that they strike at about a quarter strength individually, & firing 10 or more in quick succession lowers her magic stamina.
Teleport: In a flash of light, transports any targets she's touching or pointing at to another location she is pointing at with a clear line of sight. However, if interrupted before she can finish casting, she will be stunned.
Divination: Create a one-way transparent window anywhere, such as to see through walls. Allows all sensory information through. Effect lasts until dispelled, but is imperceptible to anyone who wasn't recently protected by Thiera's magic.
Status Ward: When she is infected by status effects that wear off, they expire in half of the time, even if she does nothing to heal them.
Other: She has agreed to go with Roatha to Twilight Town once they are both named Keyblade Masters.
Inventory: Gummis: 4 cannons, 3 shields, a buzzsaw, a spike, & a kind of energy-propelled dagger

Euryale: 34
Nero: 35
Roatha: 31
Lilith: 25
Thiera: 48

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Re: Characters

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Taiyo Shikasu:
Name: Taiyo Shikasu
Age: 16
Appearance: Stands five foot six inches, long brown hair to goes to the middle of her back although is often kept in twintails, green eyes.

In her homeworld, she sports a black cat ear headband, black eyeliner and whiskers drawn on her face, and black studded collar with a silver bell. Black fur trimmed cropped tank top and black thigh high shorts with a tail and matching sandals.

Outside her world she retains her collar, the rest of her attire changes consisting of a blue cropped t-shirt with paw prints scattered about the front, blue shorts like those she wears in her homeworld with a black and blue pyramid stud belt, black and blue striped thigh high toe socks and black canvas sneakers.

Her armor is fully covering, the helmet resembles a tigers head, complete with ears, predominantly orange with black stripes like a tiger, and short claws on the gauntlets.

In Atlantica, she sports a blue fish tail with matching shell bra while retaining her collar.

In The Grid, she sports a headband like in Halloween Town only a bright metallic blue and the ears look more robotic than mammalian. The blue of her top is matches the headband and is brighter, the paw prints being a bright metallic pink as is the blue of her belt while the black is more muted. Her shorts are replaced with skintight black pants with metallic blue pinstripes while her footwear is replaced with metallic grey biker boots.

Type: Human
Homeworld(s): Halloween Town
Reason(s): She wanted to see worlds she had heard about where people turn into animals, mermaids exist, and Dr. Finklestein scared her.
Bio: One of Halloween Town's less than scary residents, Taiyo spends a lot of her time skipping through the Pumpkin Patch, chasing ghost cat Kitters when not making snow angels in Christmas Town.

The idea of multiple worlds first came to her while Dr. Finklestein was rambling about it, but it was possible he had lost his brain again that week. While the idea was possibly just the doctors ramblings, she thought it might be possible in a similar manner there are multiple holiday towns which are like different worlds in a way.

When approached to join the Order, she had hoped it would mean seeing the other worlds assuming they exist although the idea of fighting evil seemed a lot scarier than the majority of Halloween Town's residents barring Oogie Boogie.
Keyblade(s): (1) Fenrir (2) Stormfall
Glider: Taiyo's Keyblade Glider resembles a surf glider, with a blue tiger print long board for a base and a tiger print sail. Along the bottom edge of the board all around is a bumper for knocking enemies away.
Wonders of the Sea: Taiyo makes use of both melee and magic attacks, learning more magic based abilities than melee attack based abilities. Her innate abilities are watercentric, utilizing and shaping water for offensive and defensive use.

Action Commands:
1) Aqua Raid: Throws her Keyblade at an enemy. Upon impact it explodes into water further damaging the enemy as well as inflicting splash damage to nearby enemies.
2) Brave Shot: Slams the Keyblade on the ground, sending a geyser of energy at an enemy, knocking them into the air.
3) Sword Rain Tiger: Starts off with a flurry of slashes, following up with a downward slash, creating the image of a tiger head and finishing off with a vertical slash that knocks the enemy down. Maybe reduce targets physical defense.
4) Tiger Blade: Slashes an enemy upwards, knocking them into the air then follows through by jumping after them and slashing downward, forcing the enemy to the ground.
5) Tiger Rage: Jumps after an enemy slashing it twice with the second hit knocking the enemy down.
6) Prism Windmill: Charges an enemy spinning one or both Keyblades, hitting the enemy multiple times. Can be used to attack multiple enemies if spinning both Keyblades.
7) Spellweaver: With her speed enhanced, Taiyo executes a four hit combo with one Keyblade, controlling it with hand gestures projecting it outwards of four feet plus the length of the Keyblade and finishes with a volleyball-sized energy blast from her other Keyblade that is capable of piercing multiple enemies.
Roaring Tiger: Begins by phasing through a target with a slash, follows with an upward and midair slash, and then performs a wide slash while releasing multiple raining projectiles upon the opponent.
9) Pouncing Tiger: Begins with a thrust that creates an image of a tiger's head. With another push, the image bites the target and passes through knocking it down.
10) Tiger Slash: Throws a Keyblade at an enemy that repeatedly strikes the enemy.
11) Tiger Break: Rushes an enemy slashing through with one Keyblade and finishing with a stab from behind. Attack power is stronger the more damage has been sustained.
12) Rending Tiger: A series of four slashes with the last slash being accompanied by a torrent of water to wash the target away.
13) Tiger Fang: After grabbing an enemy with Aqua Whip, the lasso retracts to pull the enemy within striking distance then hits them multiple times, each hit being accompanied by a splash of water.
14) Tiger Surge: Thrusts the Keyblade into a target, followed by the image of a tiger appearing and pouncing on the target, pinning it long enough for a follow up attack.
15) Water Surge: A dashing attack surrounded by a ring of water, hitting an enemy or enemies multiple times.

Magic Commands:
1) Water Wheel: Spins her Keyblade, forming a ring of water above her which is then hurled, sending a vertical "wheel " of water at an enemy.
2) Wellspring: Releases a spray of water above herself and nearby allies, rejuvenating them with the rain created.
3) Hydro Pressure: A stream of water fires from the tip of her Keyblade(s). Becomes stronger the more water she can gather.
4) Tidal Wave: Gathers a large amount of water to create a tidal wave that knocks smaller enemies away and damages larger enemies or immobile enemies.
5) Whirlpool: Creates a "tornado" or water to trap and damage enemies.
6) Water Intoxication: Fires a jet of off color water from the tip of her Keyblade at an enemy, possibly inflicting poison.
7) Bubble Ward: Forms a bubble around herself or an ally that protects against most attacks. Nullifies Fire attacks, absorbs Water attacks thus becoming stronger, frozen by Ice attack enhancing its protection from melee attacks and Lightning attacks, but melts under heat and nullifies Water attacks. In its water state, it is dispelled by Lightning attacks, damaging the one surrounded by it in the process.
Fountain of Life: Creates a geyser under a single ally to restore their health and cure minor status ailments such as Poison, Blind, and Silence.
9) Bubble Blaster: Launches a volley of bubbles at targets, inflicting damage.
10) Blizzard: Fires a spreading burst of ice crystals in front of the caster.
11) Blizzara: Fires an orb of ice from the tip of her Keyblade that homes in on the target. See: Dirge of Cerberus.
12) Blizzaga: Fires an ice crystal from her Keyblade at an enemy which expands and freezes the enemy on contact before imploding.
13) Fire: Creates a small fire under a single enemy.
14) Fira: A column of fire erupts under an enemy. See Fire2 from FFVII.
15) Firaga: Drops a fireball on a single enemy which explodes on contact, damaging other enemies within a six foot radius around the initial target.
16) Thunder: Shoots a lightning bolt from the tip of her Keyblade.
17) Thundara: A large lightning bolt drops on an enemy damaging it and creating a shockwave that damages enemies within a four foot radius around it.
18) Thundaga: Sends a horizontal lightning bolt at an enemy which sends more lightning bolts out at other enemies, forming a chain the closer the enemies are to one another.
19) Water: Conjures up a large bubble above an enemy which bursts, unleashing a flood of water, damaging it.
20) Watera: Drops multiple streams of water down on an enemy or cluster of enemies at intersecting angles, damaging it/them.
21) Waterga: Conjures a pillar of water under an enemy which hits them three times while lifting them into the air and before dissipating, the fall damaging them further.
22) Waterja: Consumes all enemies within twelve feet of Taiyo in a violent torrent of water, damaging them and possibly inflicting Silence.
23) Esuna: Removes all status ailments from an ally.
24) Stop: Inflicts Stop on a single enemy.
25) Force Arrow: Fires an energy arrow from the tip of one or both Keyblades which separate into dozens of smaller arrows. The initial arrow shot may also hit an enemy if used at close range.
26) Aqua Edge: Creates three discs of water either around the user or an ally. The discs can either be left alone and used defensively, where they'll burst on contact with an enemy or they can be used offensively and sent towards an enemy where for the same effect.
27) Princess of Mermaid: Begins with calling down a fierce rain to pelt all enemies within the area and finishes by conjuring up a twelve foot wide whirlpool to suck enemies within that area in, damaging them further.
28) Aqua Whip: Creates a lasso of water from a Keyblade to ensnare a target. Bigger enemies have an easier time breaking from if only one Keyblade is used as opposed to both. If both Keyblades are used, escape for small enemies is impossible.
29) Ocean Panic: Creates a sphere of water around herself and an enemy within striking distance. In the sphere, the enemy is slowed based on its size, the smaller the enemy the more its movement is restricted while the user can move freely.
30) Tiger Ambush: Conjures up a trio of tigers made of water around an enemy or grouped together enemies. Against a solitary enemy, the tigers lunge one at a time, each one knocking the enemy further into the air. Against grouped enemies, all three lunge at once, bursting and damage all enemies.
31) Undine: While Bubble Ward is in its liquid state, dispels it by firing the water in a chosen direction or even multiple directions.
32) Flood Water: Shoots a series of water spheres from the Keyblade. Upon contact the target is staggered or knocked down depending on the size. If the sphere strikes the ground, a puddle is left behind.
33) Deep Water: Conjure a torrent of water above an enemy that washes over them, creating a five foot wide pool around their feet, causing them to sink while spreading outward.
34) Bubble: Creates a bubble around a non-boss enemy, lifting them into the air and rendering them immobile for a period of time. Weaker enemies remain immobile to longer. The bubble can act as a platform which can be popped, dropping and damaging the trapped enemy.
35) Burning Tiger Bomb: Conjures up a tiger of fire to pursue a target, immobilizing it and exploding upon catching it.
36) Wavesurfer: Conjure up a wave beneath the caster for increased mobility and knockback capabilities. Can create a large wave by gathering water from a local source allowing for being able to knockback larger enemies. Wave disappears if caster is knocked off.

Support Abilities:
1) Magic Bracer: Always finish casting a spell, even when attacked.
2) High Jump: Jumps 3.85 meters into the air to either perform a jumping attack or reach a really tall ledge.
3) Status Ward: Less likely to be afflicted with status ailments.
4) Water Walker: Can move across the surface of calm water.

1) Cattail Allure: While in her Halloween Town attire, any outfit with a tail or terrestrial form with a tail, strikes an enemy behind her multiple times and inflicts Confusion in response to a melee attack from behind.

Other: Fifty-six abilities.

Hitomi Alla:
Name: Hitomi Alla
Age: 18
Appearance: Stands five foot four inches, short cropped blond hair, green eyes, and blue plastic oval rimmed glasses. Wears a white collared shirt underneath a sky blue sweater, the sleeves extending to her fingertips, navy blue skirt with white thigh high socks, and black cotton Mary Janes.

In The Grid, the blue on her clothing darkens taking on a more metallic look with lighter blue grid lines like snowflakes pepper the outside of it. The white of her clothing turns to black with blue lines zigzagging about horizontally. Her glasses take the form of a visor with a blue lens.

Her armor remains about the same the blues looking more metallic while the snowflakes glow. Her cloak fades to black.

The blue of Diamond Dust is more pronounced while the pink of Pain of Solitude takes a on more reddish color.

In the Pride Lands, she becomes a leopard. She retains her glasses and directs her Keyblade via flicking her tail.

Keyblade Armor is fully covering scale mail and sugarloaf helmet colored blue with stars scattered about on it and a dark blue cloak that wraps around it entirely with snowflakes scattered about.
Type: Human
Homeworld(s): Radiant Garden
Reason(s): To see other worlds through her own eyes as opposed to words and images in a book.
Bio: A resident of Radiant Garden, Hitomi spends a lot of her time in the castles library reading about the worlds that supposedly exist outside of her own.

During her time at the castle she had met Senthose while he was working with Ansem for whatever reasons unknown to her. Their relationship didn't extend to anything significant being the equivalent to two people passing each other on the sidewalk and greeting one another.

Senthose stopped coming around and business returned to how it was before the two met.

When approached by the Order to enlist due to the appearance of the Organization, Hitomi accepted for it'd possibly allow her to see the worlds described and pictured in books through her own eyes.
Keyblade(s): (1) Diamond Dust, (2) Pain of Solitude.
Glider: Keyblade Glider takes the form of a glider. Blue and white in color with a short cannon that fires a barrage of lasers on the front for offense.
Luna's Chorus: Using magic almost exclusively, Hitomi learns very few melee oriented abilities. Her innate abilities draw on the light of the moon to enhance her water/ice magic as well as the abilities of others sharing the same attributes.

When applicable, while dual wielding, Hitomi's Keyblade's hover around her, attacking with a motion of her arm. When inactive, they hover behind her.

Magic Commands:
1) Bad Moon Rising: Enhances the strength of her own and allies water/ice attributed attacks.
2) Lonely Moon: Using the moon's light, Hitomi enhances the range of her spells at the cost of their overall effectiveness.
3) Full Moon Sway: Focuses the moons light into her Keyblade and uses it to create a laser-like beam.
4) Lunar Phase: Creates a barrier of light around herself. How bright and therefore effective the barrier is depends on the moon's current phase.
5) Red Moon: Creates a projection of a Blood Moon in front of her large enough to cover her and fires a large red beam out in a straight line.
6) Dying Moon: Creates a projection of the moon much like Blood Moon only in black. From this projection comes a series of tendrils that lash out at nearby enemies.
7) Blue Moon: Creates a large projection of a blue moon the size of a dinner plate above a party member enhancing their physical and magical properties.
Lover's Moon: Creates a projection of a bluish pink moon above an ally bestowing a Regen-like effect on them.
9) Blizzard: Fires a spreading burst of ice crystals in front of the caster.
10) Blizzara: Fires an orb of ice from the tip of her Keyblade that homes in on the target. See: Dirge of Cerberus.
11) Blizzaga: Conjures up a large icicle above an enemy that breaks apart, raining icicles down on top of an enemy and others within three feet of the original target.
12) Blizzaja: Envelopes all enemies within twelve feet of Hitomi in a torrent of snow and ice, inflicting damage and possible Slow.
13) Cure: Restores an allies health.
14) Cura: Restores health to a single ally and to a lesser extent those within three feet of the target.
15) Curaga: Restores health to an ally and to a lesser extent, those within five feet of the original target as well as curing minor status ailments like Poison, Blind, or Silence.
16) Curaja: Restores one allies health entirely as well as all status ailments.
17) Fire: Shoots a fireball from the tip of her Keyblade.
18) Fira: Drops a fireball on top of an enemy.
19) Firaga: Shoots a fireball at an enemy which then explodes outwards sending additional fireballs at surrounding enemies within six feet of the original target.
20) Firaja: Envelopes all enemies within twelve feet of Hitomi in a tornado of fire, inflicting damage and possibly setting the enemy/enemies on fire resulting in further damage over a short period of time.
21) Thunder: Rain lightning bolts down on the enemy.
22) Thundara: Fires a string-like lightning bolt from her Keyblade. It has short ranged, but can hit multiple enemies by passing through them. See: Dirge of Cerberus.
23) Thundaga: Drops an enormous lightning bolt on an enemy with enough force to break up the ground beneath them, tossing chunks of earth up into the enemy to damage them further.
24) Thundaja: Consumes all enemies within twelve feet of Hitomi in a lightning storm, inflicting damage and possibly Stop.
25) Maelstrom: Conjures up a tornado of water underneath an enemy or group of close together enemies which lifts them up, damaging them multiple times.
26) Gravity Well: Creates an eight foot wide dome of dark energy which crushes all enemies within the dome with intense gravitational force. May inflict Slow.
27) Stop Flow: Inflicts Stop on a single enemy.
28) Aqualung: Creates a three foot wide dome of bubbles around enemies each one popping, dealing Water damage to the enemies inside.
29) Float: Creates pockets of air underneath herself or any allies feet allowing them to slide above the ground.
30) Frost Surge: Conjures up three blocks of ice to spin around her, hitting multiple enemies which then explode knocking the enemies away.
31) Deadwater Devastation: Fires a stream of water from a Keyblade with a small chance of inflicting Silence. If using both Keyblades, has a moderate chance of inflicting Silence as well as gaining knockback capabilities at the cost of range.
32) Moonlight Shadow: Creates an image of a full moon above herself or an ally that clouds over turning the target invisible.
33) Snowstorm: Spins one or both Keyblades, sending a stream of snow towards an enemy and covering the battlefield in the direction the spell was cast with snow.
34) Blood Moon: Fires a shot from the Keyblade at an enemy that on contact expands into a large red sphere, immbolizing and damaging the enemy inside. Can envelope multiple small enemies if close together.
35) Moon Crystal: Similar to Taiyo's Aqua Edge, creates a trio of crystals around the caster or another target. When launched at an enemy, the crystal can stagger, knock down, or knock back an enemy depending on how exposed to moonlight the caster is.
36) Black Moon: Conjures an image of a Black Moon on a target, inflicting Blind.
37) Aquaja: Fires three tendrils of water with bladed tips from the Keyblade. The tendrils can either strike one enemy at once from multiple angles or three separate enemies if they're close together.
38) Tragic Sphere: Creates a sphere of water around an enemy, hindering its movement based on its size. Smaller enemies have a harder time than larger enemies. The enemy trapped inside may drown after a period of time. If dispelled by something other than the caster like an enemy attacking it, the sphere explodes like a bomb sending water in all directions and possibly starting a chain reaction if multiple sphere are close by.
39) Skull Moon: Creates an image of a full moon with a skull emblem on it over an enemy, inflict Dark damage and Poison. If used at night, inflicts Doom instead of Poison.
40) Wild Moon: Creates an image of a full moon with a wolf emblem on it over a target, bestowing Berserk on them.
41) Tractor Beam: Creates a column of rings around an enemy that lifts it high into the air before closing in on it and dropping it for effectively a two hit spell.
42) Sea Serpent Strangle: Similar to Taiyo's Aqua Whip in execution although rather than acting as a lasso, the water takes the form of a serpent which upon contact with a target, pulls away from the Keyblade and begins to constrict the enemy, immobilizing and possibly crushing it.
43) Blizzagun: Fires an ice crystal from the tip of a Keyblade that upon contact with an object, explodes outwardly into a massive spiked ice formation with individual spikes reaching up to seven feet in length.
44) Shine Snow: Releases a stream of snow from the Keyblade(s) that if held for a period of time, encases and freezes the target.
45) Silver Moon: Creates a transparent shield around a target. The shield deflects non-solid projectiles while being broken by solid projectiles. When struck a close range, it shatters, damaging the attacker and surrounding foes.
46) Firagun: Conjures several fireballs to shoot up beneath an enemy. Whatever fireballs miss during the first part, drop down for a second hit. Each one exploding to damage surrounding targets.
47) Waveform: Blends into a water source, becoming water. Unable to do anything but move or wait until emerging again.

Action Commands:
1) Wisdom Shot: Fires projectiles at the enemy from her Keyblade.
2) Aqua Sweep: Swings one Keyblade low to stagger an enemy then follows through with a blast of water from the other to push it away.
3) New Moon Blade: The Keyblade being used for the attack glows a pale yellow and she stabs forward and pulls back, the light blasting the target for two hits total.
4) Aqua Fang: While airborne, swings the Keyblade sending a torrent of water downward at an angle.
5) Swing Fling: Takes flight, spinning the Keyblades like a propeller to enhance her speed, hitting an enemy multiple times.
6) Round Moon: Directs both Keyblades so they spin in a circle around an enemy or two while wreathed in moonfire, hitting multiple times.

Support Abilities:
1) Endless Magic: Unleashes magic combos endlessly.
2) Leaf Bracer: Finish casting healing spells even when attacked.
3) Duo Bracer: Finish casting a Water or Ice elemental spell even if attacked.
4) Snow Dancer: Enhanced movement speed while traversing snow or non-slippery ice.
5) Flight: Leaps into the air and remains as such until landing either forcefully or willingly with a max height of five feet. Movement speed is much faster than non-augmented walking or running, but still slower than a glider.

Other: Fifty-eight abilities.

Azuma Huraka:
Name: Azuma Huraka
Age: 19
Appearance: Stands six feet two inches, short brunette hair, and green eyes. Wears a blue and navy blue vertical striped long sleeved shirt underneath a white t-shirt, blue jeans with a black leather belt, and black runners.

In The Grid, the dark blues of his clothing fades to black while the lighter blues become more pronounced. To distinguish his waist from the rest of his body, the buckle on his belt takes on a more brighter silver. His shoe laces glow a bright white as well. Atop his head is a weirdo helmet that resembles a cyberpunk inspired riot helmet.

His armor and Keyblade remain roughly the same, only the silver being more pronounced.

Keyblade Armor is fully covering, black and silver similar to Taiyo's although it resembles a wolf rather than a tiger.

In Halloween Town, his attire is like something a viking or Highland warrior would wear. His head is covered by a grey wolf head, its mouth open exposing his face, his attire is grey and furry with some black running down the back from the base of his neck to the base of his tail which serves no purpose beyond being for show. His hands are covered by grey gloves that resemble wolf paws with claws at the end as well as his footwear.
Type: Human
Homeworld(s): Twilight Town
Reason(s): To defeat the encroaching evil.
Bio: A regular guy from the regular world of Twilight Town, spends most of his time doing odd jobs like clearing garbage with a struggle bat.

When approached by the Order and informed of en-massing forces of evil, he accepted so as to not only defeat the evil, but also do something more with his life other than clear garbage and fight swarms of bees with a foam bat.
Keyblade(s): Oblivion.
Glider: Keyblade Glider takes the form of a Sky Bandit (flying surfboard) that is black with a grey wolf on the top of the board. Has a similar form of offense/defense as Taiyo's glider although than being for pushing enemies away, the protruding edge is a blade for cutting.
Night Wolf: Abilities focus mainly on offense with his weapon as opposed to magic through the use of ice and darkness, resulting in him learning less spells as well as the defense of himself and allies through the use of darkness.

Action Commands:
1) Cold Steel: Ice runs up the length of his Keyblade's blade, spikes protruding from the striking edge.
2) Frozen Edge: A continuation from Cold Steel, upon striking the opponent, he breaks off the spikes which then produce more spikes inside the enemy.
3) Ice Breaker: Encases his Keyblade's blade entirely in ice the width of the guard, turning it into a club for breaking through barriers or delivering powerful hits at greatly reduced speed.
4) Guard Break: Powerful finishing move in which he raises his Keyblade to shoulder height, blade pointed forward and stabs piercing an enemies defense.
5) Brave Shot: Slams the Keyblade on the ground, sending a geyser of energy at an enemy, knocking them into the air.
6) Exploder Blade: Strong physical attack that creates a shockwave on impact, stunning the target.
7) Brave Beat: Follows up an attack with a spinning slash to hit multiple enemies.
Rending Thrust: Stabs a single enemy with his Keyblade and follows through with an uppercut, knocking it into the air.
9) Frigid Blast: Punches an enemy with an Ice charged attack, creating a mound of ice between the enemy and point of contact which explodes, damaging and knocking the enemy away as well as damaging adjacent enemies.
10) Wraith Ice: Throws his Keyblade into the ground before an enemy. A wall of ice erupts from the ground, damaging the enemy. May reduce target's ice resistance.
11) Status Blade: If applicable, strikes a single enemy inflicting whatever status ailment Azuma is afflicted with on the enemy.
12) Demi Blade: Slashes an enemy creating a dome of dark energy at the point of impact that crushes an enemy within its gravitational field.
13) Dark Impulse: Takes his right hand off his Keyblade and creates a claw of darkness that reaches out three feet and pulls an enemy in close and follows through a fast but weak swing from his Keyblade.
14) Critical Impact: Jumps into the air, charging his Keyade with energy and slams it down creating a huge shockwave from the point of impact.
15) Vertigo Toss: Slides under a large charging enemy, knocking it into the air with his Keyblade where it is either vulnerable to attack or it falls to the ground stunned.
16) Distortion Blade: Slashes an enemy while projecting a three foot wide dome of dark energy from himself.
17) Darkness Raid: Throws the Oblivion like any Raid-type ability, the Oblivion casting a larger shadow than usual which he sinks into and travels up, rising from the shadow once the Keyblade has made contact with something.
18) Ghost Wolf: Slashes an enemy then phases through them regardless of whether or not the first hit connected and follows through with another slash.
19) Frozen Starlight: Similar in execution to Vega & Xyukuse's Eagle Fall differing when upon landing, Azuma jumps away from the enemy and a spiky ice formation emerges from beneath it.
20) Lone Wolf Charge: Begins with a shoulder tackle and follows through with a slash that creates an image of a wolf's head, that staggers large enemies and knocks back smaller enemies.
21) Winterclaw: The right arm becomes encased in ice, the fingers forming claws. In this state, the Keyblade can't be wielded with both hands, decreasing damage output with it, but increasing attack speed. Attacks with the right arm are slow, but powerful, staggering enemies on contact.
22) Blizzard Raid: Throws the Keyblade covered in ice, staggering or knocking the target down depending on its size.
23) Blizzara Raid: Begins like Blizzard Raid although spikes protrude from the ice for piercing enemies defences.
24) Blizzaga Raid: Similar to Blizzara Raid although upon contact, the ice shatters sending ice crystals in all directions in front of the target.
25) Shadow Fury: A series of rising slashes while cloaked in darkness, augmenting the amount of damage being dealt.
26) Shadow Fang: An upward slash trailing with darkness to potentially hit multiple enemies.
27) Howling Blade: An underhand swing that sends out a wave of ice.
28) Reaper: Slashes an enemy creating waves of dark energy that do three more hits for a total of four hits. Can also be used at a distance.
29) Frigid Moon: Slashes once, creating a block of ice in the shape of a crescent moon around the target, hindering their movement.
30) Blunt Fang: A low stab with the Keyblade wreathed in darkness. Has a chance of instantly destroying the enemy if they're knocked down.
31) Wolf Strike: Strikes a downed enemy, a projection of a wolf's head emerging from beneath to bring them into the air.
32) Frost Breaker: An attack from above with an ice tipped Keyblade. The first attack can knock the enemy down, stagger it, or transition into Cold Steel. The ice can be shattered for a quick second hit that blows the enemy back. Can also be used with Winterclaw.
33) Death Stroke: Dashes past an enemy with intent on destroying it in a single stroke. Following the first hit, dark energy emerges from the target for a second attempt at destroying the enemy.
34) Dangerous Claw: Extends the blade of the Keyblade or claws of the Winterclaw to twice the length of the Keyblade to impale an enemy or multiple enemies with the Winterclaw.
35) Rending Wolf: A series of two slashes, one upward, one downward with the last slash being accompanied by a flurry of snow, inflicting Slow.
36) Calamitous Bane: Stabs into an enemy, releasing a dark mist from the Keyblade that enshrouds the target, lowering their physical strength and defense.
37) Winter Winds: Begins with an uppercut from the Winterclaw then follows through with a foot stamp raising an ice formation beneath the enemy and finishing with another strike from the Winterclaw which shatters, blowing the enemy away.
38) Dawn Moon's Wave: Release a wave of black crescent moon shaped projectiles with a slash from the Keyblade, cutting into multiple enemies.
39)Crouching Wolf: Stabs into an enemy, ice spreading out to anchor the Keyblade into the target continuing into Wolf Tempest.
40) Wolf Tempest: Following Crouching Wolf, lifts the enemy up and essentially suplexes them, the ice from the Keyblade shattering and becoming a blizzard to further damage the enemy. Use is limited by the size of the enemy.

Magic Commands:
1) Drain: Ranged attack, hurls a red orb at a single enemy which passes through it sapping off some of its health and returns to Azuma, restoring his own.
2) Dark Shell: Erects a wall of darkness around either himself of an ally. More effective in dark locations and is easily pierced by light.
3) Howl: Dark energy swirls around his weapon's blade, creating the silhouette of a black wolf which rams into the enemy when swung.
4) Darkness: Inflicts damage to himself to damage an enemy by firing a black sphere at them.
5) Cerberus: Creates two clones of himself from darkness to execute a three hit attack.
6) Frost Bite: Similar to Howl although instead of dark energy swirling around his Keyblade's blade it's snow and a white silhouette of a wolf appears, pouncing on and biting an enemy possibly inflicting Slow.
7) Swap: Rejuvenates an ally by taking on their wounds in exchange for his healthiness.
Silver Cry: Conjures up the wolves from Howl and Frost Bite to each ram an enemy, either inflicting Slow or killing it instantly.
9) Dark Flare: Gathers a large amount of dark energy at the tip of his Keyblade and fires it in a long range stream.
10) Dark: Wisps of dark energy shoot out from under and through the enemy, damaging them.
11) Darkra: Dark tendrils emerge above an enemy, whipping it repeatedly.
12) Darkga: Unleashes a mass of dark tendrils that pass through and lash out at multiple enemies within close proximity of each other, the main target taking the most damage.
13) Darkja: Envelopes all enemies within twelve feet of Azuma in dark tendrils, inflicting damage, possibly Blind, or killing them instantly.
14) Ice Storm: Stabs his Keyblade into the ground sending a trail of ice towards an enemy. Upon contact, ice forms around the enemies feet, immobilizing them.
15) Wolf Storm: Fires a series of ice bullets from the tip of the Keyblade.
16) Dark Pact: Removes negative effects from himself at the cost of damaging himself. The more ailments removed, the more damaging the spell.
17) Tenebrae: Melts into the shadow of an enemy, taking control of it. The stronger the enemy, the shorter the controlling period is. Ineffective against bosses.

Support Abilities:
1) Dodge Rush: Dives and rolls, knocking enemies back.
2) Dodge Deflect: Rolls to close in on an enemy, deflecting incoming projectiles in the process.
3) HP Gain: Heal minor wounds with successful attacks.
4) Adrenaline: Melee attacks do more damage the lower his health his.
5) Void Attack: Less likely to be staggered or knocked down by frontal melee attacks from large non-boss enemies while performing actions.
6) Ice Bracer: Cannot be interrupted when using an Ice-attributed ability.
7) Body Temp: Cannot be frozen.
8) Pack Mentality: Non-boss canine-like enemies are non-hostile towards the Keyblade wielder unless provoked or ordered to attack.

1) Punishment: In response to an aerial attack, fires a rope of darkness at the airborne enemy, the rope doing gravity-based damage and bringing the target down.
2) Wolf Impact: When successfully guarding against an attack with the Keyblade, releases an image of a wolf to repel the attacker.

Other: Sixty-seven abilities.

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Re: Characters

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Name: Xyukuse
Age: 19
Appearance: Stands five foot nine, poofy almost afro-like brown-black hair, brown eyes, and tan skin. Wears a black slim fitting t-shirt under underneath a dark red gi and baggy camo cargo shorts held up with a white shoe string belt. Around his neck is a pair of black headphones, the cord inside his shirt connected to a portable music device in his pocket All of this he wears under the signature Organization cloak. On his left wrist is a bluish silver bangle with a scale-like pattern and a green "jewel" which is actually the button to activate his armor.

On his feet he wears Geta with steel plates on the bottom.

His armor resembles that of a samurai with splotches of dark blue and grey haphazardly applied for color. Attached to the helmet to conceal his face appears to be a gas mask as well as the sides around the ears to be headphone speakers.
Type: Nobody
Homeworld(s): Radiant Garden, Traverse Town
Reason(s): Get in lots of fights and overall be a heartless bastard.
Bio: Born Yusuke Kanade, life was pretty awful in Radiant Garden which got even worse when after participating in one of many heart and darkness related experiments that go on at the castle because there isn't much else to do and the castle seemed kind of neat at the time, a dragon Heartless was born as was Xyukuse.

For awhile he dicked around Traverse Town noting it to be a lot bit like Radiant Garden which is to say awful, but worse because it lacks a castle.

Some time after the aforementioned experiment (results unknown to him for obvious reasons) and coming back as a Nobody, something he did not know until it was explained to him by someone within the Organization (a recruitment officer, he figures) that found him in Traverse Town, he figured he just plain ol' came back from the dead.

Having not much else to lose, he decided to shack up with the Organization to "Fuck shit up," and their numbers are pretty lacking. Larxene being a total babe also aided in his decision to join.

Keyblade(s): Chaos Ripper, Frolic Flame.
Glider: 74-Z Speeder Bike. On the underside near the controls is a laser cannon capable of being rotated to attack targets without having to change the entire vehicle's direction.
Style: Melodic Beatdown: Using Fire, Darkness, Earth, and Wind, Xyukuse makes use of a multitude of attacks ranging from slow, but hard hitting blows by wielding the Chaos Ripper in both hands or quick but weaker blows by using the Chaos Ripper in one hand and when applicable the Frolic Flame in the other for parrying and other attacks.

Seldom stays still for long unless he has to, he also employs a lot of footwork taking advantage of the steel plates on his footwear to either kick an enemy or use them for defense.

Attack Commands:
1) Havoc Strike: Jumps and spins into the air, then slams onto the ground at an angle, striking the enemy with the full force of his weight. From here, he can quickly follow up with another kick or attack with his Keyblade.
2) Soul Robber: Creates a "rope" of darkness between five and eight feet long which he can use to either whip enemies or grab hold of and reel in to bring in close. Alternatively he can attach it to the Chaos Ripper to attack enemies with that, but the line cannot extend past five feet and is more likely to snap should he do this.
3) Slag Assault: Leaps into the air, slamming the Chaos Ripper into the ground as he lands to launch a large wave of rocks at the enemy. Short range of about three feet. May hit multiple enemies if clustered together.
4) Fang Blade: Slashes diagonally downward with the Chaos Ripper and follows through with a jumping upward slash to lift the enemy into the air. When the Frolic Flame is available, can knock the enemy down with a swing from it.
5) Devil's Inferno: Swipes horizontally in front of him with his unarmed hand or the Frolic Flame ablaze with fiery energy. He then follows up by slamming the Chaos Ripper into the ground in front of him to create a fiery shock wave that lifts the enemy.
6) Devil's Maw: Smashes the Chaos Ripper into the ground in front of him creating a shallow crater about two and a half feet wide, flames erupting around him damaging enemies caught within.
7) Swallow Fury: Phases through an enemy and strikes with an uppercut from behind, followed by two rising kicks and a final slash, lifting both him and the enemy into the air. If the initial uppercut fails to stagger the enemy, the attack will not continue.
Dark Star: Wreaths one or both Keyblades in darkness and attacks with a two hit spinning attack (four hits if dual wielding) that creates a shockwave and summons a meteor to hit the opponent a third (or fifth) time. May Blind and/or stun the enemy.
9) Blazing Tempest: Somersaults in a straight line through the air with the Chaos Ripper extended outward to repeatedly slash enemies while covered in flames.
10) Ohana Beat: Strums the Chaos Ripper like a ukulele to attack enemies within a radius of three feet of him with soundwaves.
11) Kick Dive: Jumps and kicks off of a wall or large enemy and spins towards another enemy, attacking with a kick that generates a shockwave on impact.
12) Demon Fang: Slashes the Chaos Ripper along the ground sending a blade of dark energy at an opponent in a straight line up to six feet, staggering them and breaking their defenses if hit.
13) Dragon Tempest: Creates a whirling ball of wind in front of himself, slashing the enemy multiple times and follows through with a slash with the Chaos Ripper, cutting through the wind dealing more damage to the opponent.
14) Severing Fang: Kicks a small or medium sized enemy into the air above him and follows up by stabbing the Chaos Ripper into it, finishing it off by slamming it into the ground.
15) Gravity Raid: Throws a Keyblade which unleashes a Gravity attack on contact.
16) Dragon Surge: Performs a sweeping kick to stagger an enemy then follows through with either an upward slash to send the target into the air or a downward slash to knock it down.
17) Stone Dragon Ascent: Charges the Chaos Ripper with energy then performs an upward slash resulting in a localized quake, pulverizing surrounding enemies with rising rocks.
18) Dark Haze: Cloaks himself in darkness and charges an enemy. May inflict Doom.
19) Firetooth: Engulfs both Keyblades in flames and throws them at an enemy. The Keyblades can bounce around and ricochet off other enemies for multiple hits.
20) Fire Dragon Rampage: Starts off with a flaming back-flip kick then follows through with a slash from the Chaos Ripper then finishes off with a flaming high kick, the flames taking the form of a serpentine dragon.
21) Reaper's Toll: Strike an opponent with an open palm and knocks them back with a blast of energy.
22) Warrior's Spirit: Slashes an enemy upwards with the Chaos Ripper and jumps after them slashing them again, sending them further up and does this again for a total of three hits and finishes with a downward thrust to force the enemy to the ground.
23) Ill Wind: Throws the Frolic Flame into the ground at an enemy's feet where a snake made of wind emerges and passes through the enemy, poisoning and damaging it.
24) Silent Pyre: Engulfs the Frolic Flame in fire and throws it at an enemy, possibly reducing their Fire resistance if hit then following through by rushing the enemy and attacking with the Chaos Ripper, possibly reducing their Dark resistance if hit.
25) Over the Horizon: Jumps over an enemy, slashing once with the Frolic Flame and following through with a slash from the Chaos Ripper, knocking the enemy down.
26) Shadow Blade: Covers the Chaos Ripper's blade in darkness and slashes an enemy. The darkness leaves the Keyblade to encase the enemy, stunning it.
27) Akashic Torment: Stabs the Chaos Ripper into the ground, wind gathers around him forming a tornado that ejects small enemies from battle, knocks away medium enemies and damages larges enemies.
28) Air Flair: When both Keyblades are equipped, wind surrounds Xyukuse like an Aero spell causing him to levitate, enhancing his speed. Riding the wind, he performs a six hit spin attack that may stun an enemy or multiple enemies if surrounded.
29) Zantetsuken: A single powerful stroke from the Chaos Ripper that may destroy a target or multiple targets if lined up instantly. Heavy damage to bosses.
30) Ars Arcanum: A long series of slashes with both Keyblades, jumping about and kicking off of enemies to continue the assault while hitting multiple enemies.
31) Harrowing Gale: Surrounds himself with wind then repeatedly kicks and slashes an enemy, using the wind to lift them and himself up, continuing the assault. Finishes up by releasing the enemy and then dropping down on them with a final Keyblade hit
32)Dragon Blade - Infernal Lord: Consumes himself in fire and charges an enemy, attacking with a series of slashes and kicks, finishing off by jumping into the air and delivering a kick that produces a shockwave that knocks the enemy away and ignites targets within a four foot diameter of the final blow.
33) Deadly Force: A charged palm strike that may inflict Stop on an enemy. Has a brief cooldown time before using it again.
34) Eagle Fall: While midair, rights himself and dropkicks an enemy beneath him.
35) Spike Whip: Fires a wired spike from the tip of one or both Keyblades into an enemy (or any solid object for practical use like wall climbing) which can then be reeled in to pull either himself or the enemy in closer.
36) Fallen Idol: Gets low and close to an enemy and kicks out, launching the enemy in the air then juggles it with a series of handstand kicks, rolling away before it falls. Does not work on large enemies or bigger.
37) Macabre Waltz: Wreathed in darkness, Xyukuse performs a series of kicks and strikes with the Keyblades while ducking and weaving around the enemy or multiple enemies as if he were dancing while syphoning lifeforce from the target(s).
38) Magicide: A heavy-handed strike with a blade surrounded by null energy that inflicts Silence. Inflicts greater damage against enemies like the Sorcerer Nobodies and those associated with it as well Heartless like the Wizard, Crimson Jazz, Red Nocturne and others of their kind.
39) Dragon Shield: Spins a Keyblade by the keychain, wreathing it in fire. The shield can deflect most incoming elemental attacks other than water which dispel it while wind attacks are deflected as a tornado of fire while ice is negated due to melting it. The Keyblade being used determines the size of the projectile that can be deflected, how fast, and how much control is required. The Frolic Flame deflects projectiles quicker and with better accuracy, but can't deflect large objects while the Chaos Ripper is the opposite.
40) Abyss Maw: A high speed lunge with the Keyblade(s) that cuts through an opponent, finishing with a series of dark slashes.
41) Explosive Cut: A single slash from a Keyblade, leaving a shallow wound that festers with fire for two minutes before exploding. Can set off a chain reaction if multiple enemies are affected.
42) Blood Beast: Creates an image of a red lion's head in front of himself to ram an enemy, inflicting heavy damage, knock it away and drain some of its health.
43) Cauldron Dance: A series of kicks to stagger the target followed by slashes that fester and boil, inflicting poison.
44) Dancing Dragon: A series of four kicks and slashes, with each kick followed up by a slash of an element the enemy is weak against that the user is capable of.
45) Dual Shredder: A two-stage attack where on applicable terrain following each slash, the Keyblade is dragged across the ground to kick up a cloud of dust otherwise just follows through with an upward slash.

Magic Commands:
1) Magma Might: Spins in a circle, dragging the Chaos Ripper along the ground from which is a torrent of magma erupts upwards of eight feet in a chosen direction, leaving the area in which the attack was used scorched and thus unable to be used again without moving, damaging enemies and non-Keyblade weapons that come into contact with the magma and dismissing Keyblades.
2) Megaroar: Lets out a loud scream, sending a concussive soundwave towards enemies in front of him up to fifteen feet, dealing heavy damage to enemies directly in front possibly destroying weaker enemies instantly while knocking back medium sized enemies or knocking down larger enemies. The closer the target, the more damage dealt while the further they are, the less damage dealt, the damage lessening with each foot the soundwave travels. Requires a brief recovery time of fifteen minutes in which he can't speak.
3) Flame Dragon: Usable when using Dragon Shield, a serpentine dragon emerges from the flames, biting and passing through enemies in a straight line from the user. Much like Dragon Shield, the effectiveness of the ability depends on the Keyblade, the Chaos Ripper being stronger, but shorter range while the Frolic Flame is the opposite.
4) Sole Survivor: Marks a target and should it be defeated in battle, heal a number of wounds based on how strong the target was.
5) Stormrider: Creates a tornado around his lower body, increasing mobility as well as gaining minor knockback capabilities. Loses effect if knocked down or otherwise immobilized.

1) Rising Slash: If knocked down, recovers while performing a series of slashes on surrounding enemies.
2) Retaliating Slash: When knocked into the air, rights himself and counters with a slash from the Chaos Ripper.

Support Commands:
1) Firewheel: Cloaks himself in fire and performs a cartwheel, damaging enemies on contact.
2) Dodge Deflect: Roll to close in on an enemy, deflecting incoming projectiles in the process.
3) HP Absorb: Steal a small amount of HP from an enemy with each successful attack.
4) High Jump: Jumps twice his height.

Other: Nobody remembers this guy. Fifty-six abilities.

Vega Ballentyne:
Name: Vega Ballentyne
Age: 23
Appearance: Stands 6'3", shoulder length black hair that is usually slicked back, and icy blue eyes.

Underneath the trademark Black Coat, he wears a plain-ass white t-shirt over top a white collared shirt, dark blue jeans held up by a belt with a V belt buckle that acts as the button for his armor, on his hands are a pair of bracers that cover his knuckles and on his feet are a pair of black boots with steel plates on the toes and back.

In Halloween Town, thanks to Artexi transforming him, Vega's skin has become ghostly white and stretched thin across his bones. Red and blue veins/arteries crisscross his forehead. Vega's lips have almost completely disappeared, and his eyes have started to glow. A pair of white fangs stick slightly out of his mouth. Finally, Vega's Organization clock has been replaced with a tattered black robe

His armor is black, form fitting almost like it were made of leather and entirely covering barring his mouth and eyes.

His eyes are covered by what could best be described as a pair of night vision goggles while his mouth is covered by what looks like some kind of breathing apparatus like Nolanverse Bane.
Type: Human
Homeworld(s): Radiant Garden
Reason(s): Perhaps working with his past co-workers might not be such a bad idea after the direction the last gig went.
Bio: Was once a sword wielding guard at Ansem's castle known for taking no nonsense from anyone until Ansem's disappearance left him without a job.

Being short on members and having a thing for taking in most anyone who stepped foot near the castle, he was approached and recruited into the Organization.
Keyblade(s): End of Pain.
Glider: V-Tiger Jet. Sits in the drivers seat and pilots it like most any other glider. Inside the tiger's mouth is a rotary gun.

Style: Using the Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind elements, Vega alternates between using his Keyblade and the Darkest Fear ability to combat enemies.

I) Shaolin Shadow Boxing: A set of abilities used while using the Darkest Fears ability. They're meant for engaging solitary enemies, but with enhanced speed he can engage multiple enemies if they're spread out.

Support Commands:
1) Darkest Fears: Keyblade is replaced with a set of black claws. Unless dispelled manually or forcefully, this is his primary weapon.
2) Auto-Haste: Movement and attack speed are greatly enhanced in battle unless hindered by Slow, Stop, or any other immobilizing effect.
3) High Jump: Can jump to twice his height.
4) Iron Stance: Attacks cannot be interrupted by enemies half his height or smaller.

Action Commands:
1) Blazing Strike: A flaming roundhouse kick.
2) Eagle Fall: While midair, rights himself and dropkicks an enemy beneath him.
3) Phantom Dragon Dance: Begins with an uppercut that lifts the enemy and follows through with a series of kicks before finishing with a burning kick that knocks the enemy away.
4) Beast: Creates an image of a lions head to ram an enemy, inflicting heavy damage that may break its guard as well as knock it away.
5) Demon Fist: Sends a projectile along the ground that staggers an enemy with a swing from his fist.
6) Reaper's Toll: Strikes an opponent with an open palm and knocks them back with a blast of energy.
7) Tiamat: A series of eight punches and kicks backed by a blast of wind to lift both Vega and the enemy, the last hit knocking the enemy away.
Lich: Smashes a fist into the ground, creating a localized quake to pulverize surrounding enemies. May cause Instant Death.
9) Dragon Dance: Jumps into the air, delivering two kicks to an airborne enemy and follows through with a backflip kick to ground the enemy.
10) Force: Projects a blast of energy from himself to damage nearby enemies.
11) Cerberus Strike: Three punches charged with Earth energy, each hit staggering the enemy.
12) Aqua Sweep: Vega's foot is surrounded with water and he performs a low kick, the water bursting to knock the enemy down.
13) Rage Blast: Punches an enemy, the attack charged with fire energy. An explosion occurs at the point of impact, damaging the enemy further.
14) Brutal Torrent: Uppercuts an enemy, lifting himself into the air where energy gathers into his fist and follows through by slamming his fist down on the opponent where a torrent of water erupts from the enemy.
15) Shattering Demon Fist: Slams his fist into the ground, generating a large shockwave around him that that knocks down non-immobile and non-airborne enemies within the area.
16) Center: Focuses his energy and bathes in a regenerating fire to heal himself and damage enemies that attack him in the process.
17) Cyclone Surge: Jumps while covered in wind, pulling an enemy up with him. Can be chained up to three times.
18) Gauntlet Blitz: Charges Fire energy then dashes towards an enemy, leaving a trail of fire and uppercuts the enemy followed by releasing said energy in a concussive blast similar to Force.
19) Deadly Force: A charged palm strike that may inflict Stop on an enemy. Has a brief cooldown time before using it again.
20) Swallow Fury: Phases through an enemy and strikes with an uppercut from behind, followed by two rising kicks and a final slash, lifting both him and the enemy into the air. If the initial uppercut fails to stagger the enemy, the attack will not continue.
21) Soaring Raptor Blast: Spins rapidly generating a tornado around him to repel incoming attacks and gathers any debris that may be present (attacks from above are not repelled), finishing off by slamming the ground and sending a gust of wind and accumulated debris flying in all directions.
22) Brutal Earth: Begins with a rising front kick and finishes by bringing his heel down on the ground, bringing a stone spike up from beneath the enemy.
23) Apocalypse Toll: A palm strike that creates a glyph on the target that explodes a few seconds later.
24) Aqua Serpent: Water in the form of a serpent's head covers one hand, inflicting water damage and possibly poison when used to strike an enemy.
25) Nine Seal: A series of nine palm strikes, each successful hit lowering one of the target's parameters at random.
26) Dragon Claw: Enlarges and transforms one of his arms into that of a dragon, greatly increasing his offensive capabilities with that arm. The claws bypass the defense of "organic" enemies like Large Bodies and Fat Bandits. Its size makes it difficult to chain non-kicking abilities.
27) Sleep Sting: A strike with the tips of the fingers that may put an opponent to sleep.
28) Pyre: Begins as a sweeping kick then jumps back, leaving a mine in his place.
29) Iron Bear Claw: A slash with the Darkest Fears that destroys barriers and shields.
30) Gilded Fist: Following a brief charge time, throws a single highly damaging punch that may instantly destroy an enemy.
31) Sundering Fang: Essentially chokeslams an enemy. Can lift larger enemies if Dragon Claw is active.
32) Soaring Vortex: Instead of executing the final part of Soaring Raptor Blast, instead the user pulls their arms and the wind in, their hands close to their chest now holding a sphere of wind (dirt and other such debris) which they then launch at a target, lifting it into the air, size permitted.
33) Death Blossom: Begins with a rising kick bringing himself into the air, dropkicks the target then finishes with a series of three kicks.
34) White Wolf: Mid-combo, stamps his foot creating a burst of energy in the form of a wolf that lifts the enemy into the air.
35) Lone Eagle: From a grounded or aerial position, sends a blast of energy in the shape of an eagle towards a target in a manner like Demon Fist.
36) Rising Phoenix: Jumps into the air and descends towards an enemy at an angle while wreathed in fire.
37) Whirlwind Snap: A hook kick that sends out a gust of wind to pull an enemy in close.
38) Dragon Shot: A jumping uppercut that releases a wave of energy, damaging the initial and surrounding targets.
39) Ironfist Uppercut: A hard hitting uppercut that stuns a target for an extended period of time. Against a human enemy or something with a visible jaw, inflicts Silence.
40) Tempest Fist: Strikes a target with a fist surrounded by wind, the wind transferring to the target, floating them much like Zero Gravity.
41) Gigaton Smash: Following up on Sundering Fang, lifts the target back up and throws them. As with Sundering Fang, having Dragon Claw active improves its effectiveness.
42) Efreet: Two flaming punches followed by the user joining their hands together and releasing a stream of fire. Alternatively can skip the punches and go straight to the fire.
43) Predator Claw: From an aerial position, dives down arms outstretched to catch an enemy, then flips over it and throws it. If too large to throw, then swings in an kicks the enemy, knocking it down.
44) Gnome: Lifts up a segment of the ground and flips it over, damaging any enemy on it. Size is incredibly limited only being slightly wider than the width of his shoulders.
45) Cobra Clamp: Instead of dispelling Aqua Serpent upon a successful use, the serpent holds on to the target to prevent it from moving or to maintain a hold on a mobile enemy.
46) Holmgang: Releases a chain from one of his hands to snare and pull a target in close or be used for climbing.

1) Dragon Crush: Reactionary ability. Vega ducks to avoid an incoming attack and counters with an uppercut that lifts an enemy. May cause Instant Death.

II) Wu-Tang Swordstyle: A set of abilities used when the Keyblade is equipped. This style is best used for large and armored enemies as well as multiple enemies.

Action Commands:
1) Rending Quake: Stabs forth, his Keyblade charged with energy that when released creates a localized quake beneath the enemy.
2) Tiger Rage: Starts with an upward slash that launches both himself and an enemy into the air, following through with two additional slashes and finishes with a downward slash to ground the enemy.
3) Raging Beast: Starts with a spinning slash that hits surrounding enemies and finishes by projecting an image of a lion's head that rams into the enemy in front of him inflicting heavy damage that may break the enemy's guard as well as knock it away.
4) Wind Blade: Sends out two blades of wind with a swing from his Keyblade.
5) Ram Strike: An upward slash with enough force to stagger large and armored enemies an knock back small and medium enemies.
6) Grave: Jump and slams his Keyblade down, bringing up a rock spike to stab the enemy. Can also be used from midair.
7) Malarith: Slashes with the Keyblade sending six blades of fire at the enemy.
Kraken: Surrounds his Keyblade with a water that extend towards enemies within striking distance to immobolize them if they're too large to pick up or ensnare them on the Keyblade to throw it if size permits.
9) Hell Pyre: Slashes downward at an enemy while jumping and follows through by shooting a fireball at it.
10) Fierce Demon Fang: Slams his Keyblade on the ground, creating a wide shockwave in front of him to damage enemies.
11) Infernal Torrent: A horizontal slash while the Keyblade is engulfed in fire that send a wide blade of fire over a long distance hitting enemies caught in the path.
12) White Tiger Strike: Starts with an upward slash, lifting himself in the air and follows through with a downward slash to stagger the enemy and then another to knock it down.
13) Mass Devastation: Charges his Keyblade with Earth energy and slams it on the ground sending a wave of rocks towards an oncoming enemy.
14) Absolute Domination: Slashes an enemy, knocking it into the air. While the enemy is airborne, he charges his Keyblade with fire which builds until it reaches the tip which he then fires at the airborne enemy. The fireball envelopes the enemy and explodes. Finally Vega jumps and slashes the enemy while it's on fire.
15) Rock Slam: Stamps one foot on the ground to raise a piece of rock or whatever he's standing on so long as it's solid through and through and hits it with his Keyblade sending it in a straight line towards any enemy for massive damage. Object may fragment upon impact hitting those unfortunate enough to be in the way.
16) Hell Arc: Wreathes the Keyblades in flames and swings it in a large arc, a circle of flames shooting out from the point of impact whether it be against another entity or the ground.
17) Void Sword: A series of quick slashes with each swing accompanied by a wave of energy to further damage the opponent.
18) Carving Earth: Swings the Keyblade forward along the ground, releasing a long range shockwave up to twelve feet.
19) Fire Ring: Spins the Keyblade the generate a ring of fire around himself.
20) Fireram: Swings the Keyblade upwards, sending a ram head shaped projection made of fire at an enemy capable of knocking back and breaking their guard.
21) Wyrm Wrath: A glyph appears beneath an enemy, Vega begins with a jumping slash then a downward slash, striking the enemy and the glyph where energy in the form of a wyrm's head rises out and damages the enemy further with its bite.
22) Raging Horn: Strikes an enemy six times with the Keyblade, each hit staggering it with the sixth hit knocking it away and follows through by throwing the Keyblade at the enemy.
23) Viscious Blade: From a crouching position, the user spins, sending a wave of dust and dirt at an enemy to impair its vision. If not permitted by the terrain, is just a low spinning slash.
24) Dragon Fang: Jumps and stabs downward on an enemy, an explosion following upon impact.
25) Massacre Arc: Runs a small or medium sized enemy through then lifts it up and slams it down.
26) Raptor Ring: Throws the Keyblade spinning vertically, hitting an enemy multiple times as it passes through and returns ideally hitting the target multiple times from the front and back.
27) Raptor Assault: Throws the Keyblade which spins in a circular arc.
28) Dragon Buster: A heavy swing with the Keyblade inflicting damage with an element the enemy is weak against if it is one he utilizes. If no element is applicable, it is just a stronger than usual attack. Particularly effective against Dragoon Nobodies as well as Wyverns and other such Heartless and those associated with such creatures.
29) Corrupted Ram: Lunges at an enemy, spinning the Keyblade like a drill to bore through it and any barrier or shield it may have.
30) Magic Distortion: A heavy-handed strike with a blade surrounded by null energy that inflicts Silence. Inflicts greater damage against enemies like the Sorcerer Nobodies and those associated with it as well Heartless like the Wizard, Crimson Jazz, Red Nocturne and others of their kind.
31) Snake Bone Sword: Swings the Keyblade sending out twelve blades still attached to the main blade to use as a whip.
32) Sylph: Brings the Keyblade back generating a windstorm then swings it, the storm building up into a tornado lifting enemies caught in it high in the air and possibly ejecting them.
33) Wolfwind Fang: Performs an uppercut with the off hand creating a localized windstorm to trap a target then follows through with a slash from the Keyblade.
34) Storm's Path: Starts with a spinning slash and finishes with a heavy downward slash, mending some wounds if the final hit connects.

1) Retaliating Slash: When knocked into the air, rights himself and counters with a slash from his Keyblade.
2) Explosive Stream: Counters an incoming projectile attack with a quick swing of the Keyblade, sending a gust of wind to envelope the incoming attack in a tornado and reverse it back at the attacker.

1)Radiant Dragon: A palm strike that send a blast of energy through an enemy. As opposed to Reaper's Toll which knocks an opponent away, the energy blast passes through the enemy up to six feet, potentially damaging those within that range. Can also be used with the Keyblade by thrusting it forward.
2) Crushing Eagle: Either slams his fist into the ground or thrusts his Keyblade into the ground creating a four foot wide shockwave around him, knocking standing enemies back or bringing grounded enemies into the air.
3) Water Dragon Flurry: From a downed position like having been knocked down or having used an ability like Aqua Sweep, kicks upwards at an enemy, a pair of serpentine dragons made of water emerge from beneath the enemy, striking them multiple times as they pass through.
4) Poison Dragonspit: When directly engaged with an enemy, spits a sickly green substance in its face inflicting either poison or blind.
5) Gale Maw: A high speed lunge with either the Keyblade or Darkest Fears that cuts through an opponent, finishing with a series of wind slashes.
6) Aerosion: A close quarters ability when engaged, Vega shifts his stance, bringing a knee up to strike the enemy, creating a localized tornado to disarm the enemy. If the enemy does not wield a weapon or the weapon cannot be forcefully unequipped, the tornado just damages the enemy with multiple hits of wind.
7) Heartbreaker: A front kick that strikes an enemy's heart with a concussive force, stunning them. More effective on enemies that have hearts such as humans, animals, and Nobodies.
Bone Splitter: A strike to an enemy's appendage, hindering their movement or attack speed depending on the appendage.
9) Dragon Strike: Generates a large amount of energy that takes the form of a white and blue serpentine dragon which is unleashed through the thrusting of his weapon or fist.

Other: Now with less Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. Ninety-six abilities.

Name: Irritum
Age: Appears to be in their twenties.
Appearance: Stands 5'8" with unkempt shoulder-length white hair the bangs covering their forehead and left eye, dull grey eyes, and unnaturally sharp canines while the majority of their face is covered in wrapping except for the eyes and mouth. The left arm is totally exposed showing various intricate markings possibly an excessive amount of scars which despite of is incredibly soft the hand having some feminine characteristics while the right arm is totally covered by a dark red wrapping that could possibly be bloodstained like the one's covering the rest of their body. Possibly attached to the wrapping or maybe their hand is a purple jewel that acts as the button for their armor.

Over top all of this is a dark and tattered yet still intact enough to conceal any defining features cloak other than the totally exposed left arm.

Their armor appears to be made of strips of dull colored steel wrapped around the wearer's entire body except for the face which sports a [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] as well as the button to trigger it still being exposed while still retaining the cloak.
Type: Nobody
Homeworld(s): The World That Never Was (Dark City)
Reason(s): Unaffiliated.
Bio: Appeared outside Memory's Skyscraper with only the recollection of seemingly dying and having nothing to go on except the Keyblade and a feeling like they should be searching for something which the Heartless in the area did not possess while the images on the skyscraper's television screen showed only a vampire-like creature and a voice muttering the word Irritum from which they got their name accompanied by a feeling of loss.

The scent of darkness takes them as far as The Brink of Despair where it becomes almost sickening, so they just turn back and refuse to go further choosing to wander the city making the skyscraper their home not that the constant stream of Heartless make it a suitable place to stay.

The constant struggle to maintain what they've come to see as their life led to more gaps in their memory.
Keyblade(s): Skull Noise
Glider: A flat sheet with a similar shape to that of a stealth bomber with two square protrusions where the pilot's arms are restrained in. [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Style: Exsanguinating Necromancy: Balanced between magic and physical attacks, Irritum primarily uses darkness to cause status ailments, create terrifying creatures, inflict large amounts of damage and overall be a nuisance. Naturally the majority of their magic is useless without a source of darkness. With the Keyblade either in its default form, changing its shape to that of a scythe or even altering their own physical form focuses on defeating foes through status ailments or through inflicting wounds of varying sizes to make the opponent bleed out even going so far as to manipulate the target's blood to hasten their demise.

May forgo all pretenses of sophistication if injured to the point of flying into a rage, triggering the Harnessed Rage ability and sub-style.

Action Commands:

1) Fury Blast: A Dark-attributed version of Vega's Rage Blast.
2) Infectious Implosion: Strikes an enemy that if they're inflicted with Poison increases the damage dealt and duration of the ailment. If used against a non-poisoned target, inflicts Poison.
3) Blood Fest: Repeatedly slashes an enemy for little damage, but leaving shallow cuts while conjuring up a dark whirlwind that furthers the amount of cuts inflicted.
4) Blood Fang: Charges an enemy, slashing through them inflicting damage and a bleed effect.
5) Darkness Claw: Enlarges and transforms their left hand into a demonic claw and swipes an enemy, inflicting deep cuts. Drains some of the target's life if they're already bleeding.
6) Death Scythe: Extends the Keyblade, essentially turning it into a eight foot-long scythe and uses it to pull an enemy in close while inflicting a deep gash on them or attack at a distance with the same effect.
7) Consume: A mouth appears on the left hand which begin consuming whatever live and bleeding foe they come in contact with. Has the unfortunate side effect of also taking on any status ailments the target may be afflicted with. If the target isn't bleeding, the mouth's will leave deep gashes on it.
Bloody Fears: A piercing attack with Darkness Claw that when recoiling, pulls strands of blood from the target that take the form of monstrous creatures, having the same effect as Fearocity.
9) Poison Claw: The nails of the darkness claw emit a sickly green substance upon contact with another life form begins to burn the flesh and inflicts Poison. If not treated, may eventually burn to the bone if applicable. Can also be sprayed from the nails, inflicting Blind if contact with the eyes is made.
10) Tainted Blade: A strike with the Keyblade that has spilled blood, becoming stronger if used against a bleeding enemy. The more the enemy is bleeding, the stronger the attack.
11) Blood Lust Slash: A horizontal slash that draws blood from open wounds, accelerating the bleeding process.
12) Death Spiral: Spins with the Death Scythe outstretched, generating a black whirlwind to pull enemies in and cut them up.
13) Maniacal Fang: Slams their Keyblade on the ground, creating a wide shockwave in front of them damaging enemies in six foot area in front of the user.
14) Parasite Raid: Throws the Keyblade that doesn't harm the target upon contact, but instead leaves behind several larvae that burrow into the target, spreading poison through their body. Initially inflicts Poison and the longer the remain afflicted they become afflicted with Silence then Blind, Confusion, Sleep, and finally Slow and cycling back.
15) Ghost Waltz: A series of slashes where with each hit that connects, the Keyblade passes through the target, damaging them further when the Keyblade is brought back for another swing.
16) Streams of Blood: Following an upward slash from Darkness Claw, brings up strands of blood to enhance the healing effect of Darkness Claw, but will also inflict the user with the target's status ailments.
17) Ghost Touch: Phases through an enemy, stunning them. Unusable in the light.
18) Absorption Claw: Grabs hold of a weak or nearly destroyed enemy with the Darkness Claw and absorbs it into themself, taking on properties of the absorbed enemy for a period of time. Longer duration for weaker enemies, ineffective against bosses.
19) Gravity Blood: From a downward slash from either Darkness Claw or Death Scythe, pulls blood from the target to the ground, pulling them down like a gruesome Gravity spell.
20) Warp Strike: Throws the Keyblade at something, teleporting to its location when it makes contact with the target or other obstacle.
21) Nightmare Claw: Conjures up white ghostly creatures around the Darkness Claw, cutting the target and inflicting Sleep as well as a damage over time effect.
22) Blood Briars: Releases an eight foot long barbed tendril from their left hand to ensnare or whip enemies. The barbs can cause the target to bleed.
23) Nihil Blade Tempest: Begins with an upward slash, bringing themself into the air and follows through by stabbing down at the enemy where a void opens between Irritum and the target, finishing with ghost-like creatures flying from the void and through the target, their chilling touch inflicting Slow.
24) Weird Fang: Bites into an enemy with their own mouth, injecting it with a venom that causes gradual petrification over the course of several minutes.
25) Phantom Blast: Strikes an opponent twice, cutting into them then phases through them and strikes downward, bringing up a flurry of ghost-like creatures for additional damage.
26) Bloodspiller: A spinning attack with the Keyblade or Death Scythe, inflicting deep wounds in surrounding enemies.

Magic Commands:

1) Ektospasm: Fires a high speed basketball sized wad of ectoplasm from the Keyblade. Upon contact, the target begins convulsing and their body begins to decay, effects of healing abilities are reversed.
2) Fearocity: Conjures up a tornado made of black ghost-like creatures with sharp teeth that whirl around a target, gnashing and biting at them. Particularly effective against weak willed opponents like Heartless or those undergoing stress as well as in dark environments.
3) Phantom Flare: Creates a circle of black fire balls around an enemy that spin around, hitting the enemy before rising up then come crashing down, creating a shockwave with each hit.
4) Poison Cloud: Exhales a sickly green gas that inflicts Poison on those who breathe it in. More effective on those with open wounds.
5) Soul Reaper: Fires two dark purple orbs at an enemy that pass through sapping some of their health and return, their color changing to green, healing the user.
6) Rustoxic: Exhales a dirty brown fluid towards at an enemy that solidifies upon contact with the object coating them or even an appendage in a rusty-looking material rendering them or the appendage immobile unless cured. A particularly strong opponent may be able to just break free through brute force such as in an opponent whose arm has been affected may free it by flexing or bending their arm.
7) Nightmare: Several ghost-like creatures surround and converge on an enemy, inflicting any combination of Sleep, Poison, Silence, and Mini on the target.
Fear Fight: Creates an eight foot wide circle of ghost-like creatures around themself and anyone unfortunate enough to be caught in it. Those who get too close to the creatures are attacked. The wall fades away after a few minutes unless dispelled.
9) Viper Lash: Expels a series of snake-like creatures from their hand up to five feet towards an enemy that lash out and bite into it, possibly inflicting a number of status ailments such as Poison, Blind, Silence, and Slow.
10) Skeletal Strike: A powerful and heavily damaging to both the user and opponent ability. A skeletal creature emerges from the user and relentlessly pursues a nearby enemy, tackling it and exploding on contact. Shrapnel from the explosion may damage those nearby.
11) Disruption: Summons a pair of large skeletal hands at opposite ends of a target or clustered group of targets that smash into it/them.
12) Nihility Song: Conjures up a flurry of ghostly creatures around a target that let out horrific wails, removing positive effects from the target.
13) Vampiric Blades: Creates a black whirlwind around the user to repel attacks, cutting into the attacker if they make contact with it.
14) Frightening Muck: Stabs the Keyblade into the ground where a [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] of whatever terrain emerges and hurls itself at enemies within their view. At its strongest when used on wet and soft terrain while at its weakest when used on dry and hard terrain.
15) Vampiric Grip: Uses the Darkness Claw to telepathically lift a bleeding enemy if size permits.
16) Breath of War: Exhales a red mist, inflicting Berserk on those that breathe it in.
17) Killing Field: Creates six mines in random places across the battlefield that when triggered erupt in several spikes in different directions. Will eventually detonate on their own after two minutes if not triggered in which case the spikes linger as an environmental hazard unless dispelled or destroyed.
18) Ghost Bite: Conjures up a wide set of ghostly fangs that bite down on an enemy or several is lined up.
19) Graveyard Bomb: A headstone shaped object drops from the sky, releasing darkness upon contact with an object into an eight foot area. From within the darkness, skeletal monsters emerge to attack and drag anything within that area below the surface, disappearing after a couple minutes.
20) Plague Maggots: Enlarged maggot-like creatures emerge from the ground over a six foot area, burrowing into enemies within that area, possibly inflicting a variety of status ailments such as Poison, Silence, Slow, Confusion, Blind.
21) Fatal Bonds: Fires a black beam from the Keyblade, creating a tethered shackle around the neck of an enemy, the tethers lashing around and shackling up to four close together enemies. While bonded, if one target is attacked, the others take slightly less damage than the one attacked. If the chain is broke the one's linked take damage.
22) Nihilistic Night: Opens a six foot wide void beneath an enemy where silver spheres rapidly fire out.
23) Blade Blast: Dispels Vampiric Blades sending the wind outwards to push back and inflict deep wounds into surrounding enemies. May instantly destroy weak enemies.
24) Terror Pit: Creates a trap on the battlefield matching the terrain except being elevated enough that it's only noticeable up close. Triggered either like a mine or if something gets too close to it. When triggered, a monster made of multiple hands ravages its prey before expelling it.
25) Blood Wound: Channeling through the Darkness Claw while immobile, causes a bleeding target's blood to boil, inflicting damage over time as long as they remain the target. The more wounded the target, the greater the damage.
26) Maddening Whispers: Conjures up a pair of ghostly creatures to converge on an enemy, to whisper into their ear, inflicting Confusion and Berserk.
27) Iron Maiden: Expels two foot long spikes from their body, damaging enemies that are close. Can augment attacks with the Darkness Claw by using it with spikes protruding from it as well as hold enemies in place.
28) Unwilling Host: Fires a larvae into an enemy, inflicting Confusion. Should the infected attack something, its attack will inflict Confusion as the parasite spreads.
29) Parasitic Infestation: Manipulates the larvae implanted in an enemy by Parasite Raid via the Keyblade to damage the target by eating it from the inside out, making them grow. If successfully destroyed via this ability, the bugs act the same as those spawned by Bloodfly Swarm.
30) Grave Worm: Sinks into the ground to either close the distance between the use and an enemy or pull the enemy into the ground, immobilizing them.


1) Ghost Walk: If successfully attacked at close range, temporarily becomes intangible for twenty seconds. In this state, melee attacks have no effect and casting spells will instantly remove the effect.

Passive Abilities:

1) Antivenom: Is unaffected by poison.
2) Cursed Blood: Effect of enemy Drain abilities are reversed.
3) Haunter in the Dark: Auto-Haste and increased physical strength while in near total or total darkness.
4) Sadist: Heals wounds whenever an enemy is successfully destroyed with an attack using the Keyblade. The stronger the enemy, the greater the healing.
5) Dark Stalker: Can see invisible enemies.
6) Stealth: Turns invisible at the start of battle. Becomes visible upon a successful first strike unless the effect is dispelled.
7) Harnessed Rage: Flies into a blind rage if sufficiently injured. Physical attack strength increases at the cost of all Exsanguinating Necromancy abilities, but unlocks abilities exclusive to this state.
Eldritch Poison: Abilities that cause bleeding may inflict Poison.
9) Wallcrawler: Can climb solid objects like walls and ceilings like a spider.
10) Hidden in Plain Sight: Turn invisible when against a solid object within the environment. Remains invisible until moving away from the object, using an ability, or if attacked.
11) Bloodfly Swarm: Upon slaying an enemy with the Keyblade, a swarm of [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] spawn in its place and attack nearby enemies for relatively minor damage from a small swarm. The larger the enemy, the larger the swarm. Larger swarms inflicting more overall damage, but die off quicker lasting only a couple minutes rather than several.
12) Bloodhound: Detect the scent of the living if they had recently been injured.

Harnessed Rage: If sufficiently injured, forgoes all abilities from the main style in exchange for a small amount of highly destructive and indiscriminate abilities that utilize the increased physical strength granted by this berserker state until pacified or if all enemies real or imagined are gone.

Action Commands:

1) Roar: Recklessly swings the Keyblade, likely to strike the ground more often than an enemy. With each each hit that connects with the ground, a shockwave emits from the point of impact up to six feet while a dark projectile is released.
2) Storm: Spins with the Keyblade pointed outwards, sending bolts of dark energy in all directions.
3) Fang: Swings the Keyblade along the ground creating a wave of darkness to shoot from the ground at an angle while a second projectile fires out from it similar to Xyukuse's Demon Fang. Should an enemy be small enough, the first hit just might pass over their head.
4) Retaliate: Screams, radiating a dark aura that gradually expands, damaging those caught in it.
5) Suffering: Randomly thrusts the Keyblade, sending bolts of darkness from it.
6) Revenge: A series of wild spins and slashes sending out dark shockwaves.
7) Crumble: A wild series of spins generating dark tornados to lift those caught in them.
Grudge: Spins around, dark fire gathering on the Keyblade before fully engulfing the user turning them into a tornado of dark fire. Pulls in those around it and renders the user unaffected by fire and dark attacks while light, ice, and attacks from above will dispel it. When transitioning into another attack, sends out the fire from the tornado in all directions.
9) Despair: Repeatedly stabs the Keyblade into the ground, pillars of darkness erupting from the ground at random.
10) Instant: A series of quick and wild slashes, should a hit connect with an enemy, it results in a wound that festers with black fire for a damage over time effect.

Other: Probably just needs a friend. Seventy-nine abilities.

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Re: Characters

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Name: Safian

Age: Equivalent to 17 or 18

Appearance: Safian is a juvenile lioness, and has thus not yet reached her full adult size. Her main fur color is a golden yellow, with her underbelly being a very light
yellow. Safian's eyes are a greenish blue. As a lioness, she does not normally wear any clothes however she has started wearing the basis of her keyblade armor. The basis of said armor is a piece of chocolate-brown armor that extends from her left forepaw to the joint of the foreleg. The brown armor has a gold border, and includes the activation button for Safian's keyblade armor.

On the Grid, Safian's normally gold coat turns pure black, except for a pair of glowing yellow "racing stripes" running along her back to her hind legs. Her claws and fangs turn the same shade of yellow as her stripes, and also glow. The tips of her tail and ears, along with her eyes, glow as well. Finally, the brown of her armor darkens, and becomes crisscrossed with glowing yellow lines.

In Atlantica, Safian takes the form of a 7 foot long Sandbar shark with vaguely the same coloration as she has as a lion. In contrast to a normal shark, her front fins have more range of motion than normal shark fins, and have long white claws on the end. Her keyblade armor changes shape to fit her new form as well.

Keyblade Armor: When activated, Safian's keyblade armor covers her entire body, other than her tail and ears. The armor is the same chocolate brown as the basis, 
and has the same gold border. The Armor is made up of many small individual plates, allowing Safian to move easily. The head gear is formfitting around Safian's head, and has two spaces where her ears poke though. The final feature of her armor is a large set of metal claws that take the place of her normal claws.

Type: Lion

Homeworld: Pride Lands

Reason: Safian joined the order in order to explore new worlds and find her own adventure. 

Bio: Safian was born into Mufasa's pride, as the oldest of two cubs. Like most cubs, she was very curious, and often tried to follow the lionesses out on their hunts. Unfortunately, this lead many of the Pride to view her as slightly annoying. When Safian was still very little, she tried to follow a group of lionesses out on a hunt, and ending up getting lost. In was then that she ran intoa strange lion, carrying a keyblade. Safian decided to try and defend her pride's territory, only to get batted aside by the strange lion. However, Safian accidentally touched the keyblade being carried by the strange lion, something that would seen insignificant at the time. The strange lion then carried her back to Pride Rock, disappearing when it came into sight. As strange as it was, this event was soon forgotten under the excitement of growing up.

Went Safian was almost fully grown, she and a group of lionesses were hunting a herd of zebra when that were attacked by a group a male hippo, one of the most dangerous creatures in Africa. The group fled, however Safian had lagged a bit behind. The hippo attacked, and Safian was badly injured. It was then the keyblade reappeared before Safian, and she used it to scare off the hippo.
On her way back to Pride Rock, Safian was once again approached by the strange lion from many years ago, and he explained the situation to Safian. From that day forward, Safian was trained by this strange lion, and soon left for the Land of Departure. Safian left only telling her younger sister that she had to go do something important. 

Keyblade: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Glider: The main body is an orange arrow, with the image of a roaring lion in the center. Right above the lion symbol, is a paw indentation inside a golden circle. 
When Safian places her paw on the indentation, she can fire multiple fire spheres at any target she chooses. Around the main body of the glider float six leaf-shaped 
objects. As long as Safian is riding on the glider, she can control said leaves, which can be used for defense, by covering her, or offense, by being fired at the 
enemy. While they appear to be normal leaves, in reality they are extremely sharp and strong. The glider is really only big enough for Safian to ride alone.

Style: Call of the Hunt: Like Sora in his feline form, Safian grips her keyblade in her mouth when she uses it. Her keyblade, the Circle of Life, has a shorter than average length, and thus is used as more of a knife then a sword. Safian’s attacking style when using her keyblade is to look for an opening, attack, and then retreat back out of range. The main elements Safian uses are shadow and fire, fire for attacks and shadow to sneak up on things.

Flaming Strike: Strikes with flaming claws.

Roar of a Lion: Roars, allowing Safian to breath fire.

Hunting Lioness: Safian basically melts into any near by shadows, making it very hard to see her. However, it is much easier to see her if you know Safian is there. This is the primary method that she uses to sneak around in areas unfriendly to lions. (Basically everywhere.)

Night Claw: Safian's claws are covered in darkness. Deals dark damage.

Fire Raid: Safian's keyblade becomes covered in flames, then she hurls it at enemies.

Night Roar: Safian roars, firing a sphere of dark energy from her mouth for long range dark damage.

Jaguar Stance: Safian can travel in shadows in a radius of 10ft. Requires dark enough shadows to function. Works with Hunting Lioness.

Flaming Aura: Flames cover Safian's body, dealing fire damage to anything that touches her.

Cat's Eye: Safian's eyes turn red, paralyzing an enemy if they look into her eyes.

Hunter's Call: Safian roars, summoning several small, shadow lionesses that can charge and enemy before exploding on contact.

Darkness Aura: Safian body becomes covered in darkness, dealing dark damage to anything that touches her.

Haze: Dash while cloaked in darkness, enemies that it touches have a 50% chance to die in 5 seconds

Stars Above: Safian is imbued with the strength of past leaders of the Pride Lands. Greatly increases her strength. Lasts for 30 seconds.

Dark Splice: Safian teleports around an opponent, clawing/biting them

Elephant Graveyard: Safian summons a giant, skeletal elephant made from shadows, which then charges in a straight line. 10 second charge time.

Unity: Safian roars to increase the attack of allies around her. 5 second charge time.

Dash: Safian rockets at the opponent. Can stay in the air for a limited amount of time. Lasts only a limited amount of time before having to be wound up again.

Darkness Glide: Safian cloaks herself in darkness and flies at the target. Deals darkness damage. Can stay in the air for about 30 seconds

Sabertooth: Safian projections an aura around herself, causing her to appear as a giant black sabertooth lion with a flaming red mane. Opponents who view this image have a chance to be so overwhelmed by fear that they stop attacking and attempt to get as far away from Safian as possible. The fear fades after 10 seconds. The chance of inflicting fear depends on the intelligence of the opponent and whether or not they are taken by surprise. Individual rate for humanoids, 20% for nobodies, 30% for Heartless.

Other: Hope it’s detailed enough. : D

Name: Artexi

Age: 19

Appearance: About 5’5 with long, french braided dark brown hair, and tanned skin. She has very dark purple eyes, with black markings underneath. Along with the basic Organization Coat, she wears large gold bangles on her wrists, along with a similar gold hair piece. 

In Halloween Town, Artexi's hair becomes silky black and unbraided, and her eyes are yellow. Her skin appears to have an odd, scalely texture to it. Artexi's face has some dark brown markings around her eyes, including an identical triangle under each eye, and she has fangs and a forked tongue. Her Organization clock has become a knee length black tunic tied around her waist with a bronze colored slash. Underneath her tunic, she wears bronze puffy pants (think Jasmine's), and black shoes. Her bangles and other jewelry become a dark bronze color

Keyblade Armor:  Artexi's armor is very slim and form fitting, and has a dark blue chest plate. The plates covering Artexi's arms and legs are gold, and each have a single blue flower in the center. The armor also includes blue gloves that extend to Artexi's elbows, and blue boats that go up to her knees. The head gear extends from Artexi's neck to the top of her head. The head gear is also very form fitting, and does not have an gaps. It also includes a visor that completely covers Artexi's face. 

Type: Nobody
Has become human again.
Homeworld(s): Agrabah. Stays in The World that Never Was, but is currently following Nero around because she lacks better things to do.

Reason(s): Artexi was convinced that joining would make everyone like her again, and that the Order would destroy her on sight.

Bio: Artexi is the Nobody of Keyblade wielder and relatively high ranking order member, Tirea Neese. Tirea was born into a noble family in Agrabah, as the oldest of three daughters. She became a keyblade wielder went she inherited her keyblade from her uncle, after he preformed an inheritance ceremony on her. Tirea's uncle also trained her in use of the keyblade, along with a beginning training in magic. Right before his death, Tirea's uncle took her to the Land of Departure, where she completed her training under other keyblade users. Tirea was a very kind person, and hated all those who tried to corrupt worlds, and began very adapt at destroying Heartless.

A few years later, Tirea returned to her home world to find that many of her family had died from sickness, leaving her in a precarious position. A huge fortune had been spent on failed cures, and in order to secure her family a steady ground, someone had to marry a wealthy foreign prince. The best candidate was Tirea, and hile she understood why it was necessary for someone to marry the heir, Tirea did not want to do it herself and thus she ran away from her homeworld. However, both of Tirea's younger sisters were much to young to get married, and thus Tirea's family was unable to get the needed match, and thus was unable to keep it's influential position.  

By the time Tirea returned, her family had been fighting for several months to retain their remaining wealth. Tirea's younger sisters blamed her for the recent problems, and cast her out of the family. Already having felt guilt for not marrying the prince, Tirea ran off in a crying daze. She collapsed in an alley, and didn't noticed the approaching danger until it was too late. 

Tirea was knocked out and captured by Jafar, who took her back to his lab. There, Jafar controlled Safian to remove her own heart, thus splitting Tirea into Artexi and a large snake Heartless. When Artexi was reborn in the realm in between, she was approached by a strange man, who convinced her to join the Organization.

Keyblade(s): Astral Blast/Three Wishes

Glider: Like her keyblade armor, Artexi's gilder is mainly gold with blue details, and is shaped like a wind rider. The part that would be the sail on a normal wind rider has a large blue floor on it, matching the boats of her keyblade armor. There is also an area for Artexi to hold on to. The glider can become so bright it is impossible to look at, and fire rays of light at opponents. The gilder is large enough for another person to ride, and there is a spot for them to hold on.

Style: Sunlit World: Artexi mostly uses the elements of Light and Flower, her main ability being to control any plants in an area. While she can also create poison from her plants, Artexi is unable to heal at all, which kind of annoys her. Artexi can also shape light around her Keyblade to increase her physical attacks.

Jungle Rapier: Vines form along Artexi's keyblade, and can be controlled by Artexi to grab and hold down opponents. 

Witch's Temptation: Artexi's Blade gains a light purple aura, and all those who are cut go into convulsions. It must actually cut the skin.

Sol's Might: Light covers Artexi's Keyblade, making it hard to look at. This increases Tirea's range and physical attack.

Spark Raid: Hurls the keyblade at opponents, and if it makes contact, the keyblabe splits into beams of light that fly in all directions.

Blessed of the Forest: Artexi stabs her keyblade into the ground, causing huge vines to sprout up and cover her, for protection.

Serpent's Breath: The mirage of a snake covers Artexi's keyblade, exhaling poison gas that can cause convulsions.

Venus Fly Trap: A long green vine forms along Artexi's keyblade, and the end of which is a massive Venus fly trap. The trap has razor sharp teeth, but probably wouldn't do much to metal.

Blood of the Devil: Artexi waves her keyblade, sending a blast of acid in the direction she waved her keyblade in.

Vemon Raid: Artexi throws her keyblade, and any enemy it is badly poisoned

Vampire Hold: Artexi waves her keyblade, sending small seeds at an opponent. if the seeds make connect, they quickly grow into vines that cover the opponent. These vines gradually deplete life from anyone wrapped.

Spark: Sends at orb of light at an opponent 

Sparkra: A blast of light that splits into many smaller blasts that rain down on the opponent

Sparkga: Sends a few smaller blasts of light at an opponent. The blasts will follow the target until they make contact

Poison Block: Artexi is unable to be poisoned

Other: This will be a dynamic sign up, meaning that new information (such as abilities) may be signed up for the character over time.

Monu Aakin:

Name: Monu Aakin

Age: 22

Appearance: Monu is 5'10 with medium length light brown hair, and blue eyes. He wears a white linen shirt and brown trousers, with knee high leather boats. On top of his clothes, Monu wears a forest green cloak that goes down to his knees.

In the Pride Lands, Monu becomes a [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]. Monu holds his keyblade in his massive talons.

Keyblade Armor: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Type: Human

Homeworld(s): Enchanted Dominion

Reason(s): Monu joined the Order to protect the different worlds.

Bio: Monu was born the eldest son of a family of Artisans, in the lands around Aurora's castle. While he his family was not rich, Monu's family had more than enough to get by. Monu's father was the younger brother of the head of the family, and thus Monu wasn't really expected to follow the family tradition. Monu's mother was a keyblade master, and wasn't home very often. She and Monu were rather distance, however this did not really mind ether of them, as Monu had always been quite independent. 

When Monu was 16, his mother decided to retire and performed a keyblade inheritance ceremony with him. His mother then took him to the Land of Departure, where he joined the Order. He than began to protect the different worlds, and to push back the darkness. Monu was away when the castle feel into a deep sleep, upon finding this out he became enraged and eager to save his world.

Keyblade(s): Wayward Wind

Glider: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Style: Sprite's Flight: Monu's main magical abilities involve healing, and thus has very few offensive magic options. When attack, Monu mostly uses his Keyblade for physical attacks. His elements of choice are Flower, Earth, and Wind, Flower for healing, Earth for attacking, and Wind for support. He also holds his keyblade in a reverse grip. 

Fairy Magic: Monu summon three glowing spheres of red, green, and blue, and these are all used to heal a single ally or himself.

Granite Shield: Monu creates a strong shield of earth that can protect himself or allies. The shield can form in front of him or allies, and it is large enough to cover his entire body. 

Hawk's Dive: Monu uses the wind to increase his speed.

Esuna: Monu summons a larger, purple sphere, which can be used to heal a single ally of all negative status conditions.

Fairy Aura: Monu sends a sphere of light into the air, where it explodes into a downpour of light. Heals anyone underneath the downpour.

Wind Raid: Monu throws his keyblade, letting wind guide it towards enemies for multiple hits.

Avalanche: Monu waves a flurry of rocks at the enemy. Requires rocks.

Aero Shield: Monu creates a miniature tornado around himself and anyone else nearby that protects from damage.

Eagle's Claw: Monu slashes with his keyblade sending a blade of air at the enemy.

Diamond Rain: Pretty much explain what it says on the tin. Monu waves his keyblade to create many small diamond fragments that can be directed at an opponent.

Tornado: Again pretty self explanatory. Monu waves his keyblade to create a tornado to both trap and damage enemies. Must remain stationary while in use.

Quicksand: Stab his keyblade into the ground, turning it to quicksand.

Leaf Bracer: Cannot be interrupted when casting healing spells

Cleansing Breeze: Monu creates a breeze they cures allies of status effects

Diamond Shield: Monu creates a full body shield made out of diamond

Skyclimber: Tornadoes appear on Monu's feet that allow him to fly for a limited amount of time. Must recharge after each use.

Float: Monu manipulates air currents to allow him to float slightly above the ground. Allows him to move faster and avoid obstacles.

Titania's Kiss: Restores some of the health and status of a single ally

Dancing Dust: Monu creates a dust devil from the end of his keyblade, obscuring the vision of anyone within a 10ft radius on him.

Pluto's Aegis: Monu creates a floating shield in front of him. The shield is made of incredibly durable quartz (slightly less durable than his diamond shield), and is about the size of a traditional medieval shield. It persists until destroyed by some external attack, or if it is knocked more than 10ft away from Monu. Otherwise, the shield will follow him, reminding in approximately the same position relative to Monu. Can only be used on him.

Other: This will be a dynamic sign up, meaning that new information (such as abilities) may be signed up for the character over time.

Eve Tantus:
Name: Eve Tantus
Age: 22
Appearance: A tall, stern looking young women with yellow-green hair cut to around her shoulders, and yellow-gold eyes. Eve normally wears a dark blue button-up shirt, khaki pants, and knee-height leather boots. On top of these she wears a white lab coat, with is substituted for an Organization coat when necessary.   

Keyblade Armor: Eve's armor is black and consists of many small, form fitting plates that cover her entire body, except for the head. The armor is uniformly black, except where various glowing blue runes appear. Eve's headpiece is plain black, and includes the one way visor like all armor sets do. Finally, the armor includes a long, pain black cloak that obscures all of Eve's features.  
Type: Human
Homeworld(s): Radiant Garden; World That Never Was
Reason(s): To continue the research that was cancelled in Radiant Garden 7 years ago.
Bio: Eve was born to a pair of researchers in Radiant Garden. Left alone most of the time, Eve spend her time reading books and eventually became a highly respected researcher, like both of her parents. She participated in heartless research until the program was dismantled 7 years ago, where she met Senthose. Eve was very angry that the research was cancelled, and went into seclusion until Senthose returned and gave her a keyblade. She's been top researcher in the Organization ever since. 
Keyblade(s): [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Glider: A black, slightly eviler looking version of the [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.], covered in a light blue energy field. The energy field can be used to create a shield around Eve, or to fire as energy bolts.
Style: Event Horizon: Eve focuses almost exclusively on offensive magic, however she does not completely lack passive magic. Eve's main elements are Void, Space, Lightning, and Time. She uses Lightning and Void for brute force attacks, while Space and Time are used both for offense and to manipulate the environment around her.

Thunder: Eve raises her keyblade, causing a large bolt of lightning to strike a particular area. This spell does not affect a large area, but it is very precise.

Rift: Eve strikes the ground with her keyblade, creating a rift with her keyblade. Void tentacles jut from this area, dealing damage to any that touch them. Radius 2ft

Graviga: Eve creates an orb of space that crushes all enemies inside of in.

Stop: Locks a target into a time freeze.

Warpinator: Eliminates the closest enemy. Not always successful.

Gravity Raid: Eve hurls her keyblade, inflicting gravity on any enemy she hits.

Gravity: Creates a miniature event horizon that crushes a single target dealing a large amount of damage

Zero Gravity: Reverses gravity to send nearby enemies into the sir, where they slowly lose HP

Magnet: Creates a strong magnetic field that can draw enemies in, however they must be in line with Eve's keyblade

Slow: Inflicts the slow status on nearby enemies. Keyblade and enemy glow green when being used.

Void Flare: Eve creates a small, glowing sphere in midair, which subsequently releases void "thorn" beams

Fusion: Eve creates two small, glowing spheres, then crashes them together, sending a massive void "thorn" beam in a straight line in front of her

Fission: Eve creates a large glowing sphere, then rips it apart, producing void thorn beams in a perfect circle around her

Gravira: Creates a larger event horizon that crushes all enemies inside of of it for a smaller mount of damage.

Stopra: Halts the movements of several enemies for a very short period of time. Radius of 3ft.

Lethal Frame: Combines casting stop on a single target and haste on Eve. Eve charges the opponent and slashes as when they unable to move. Lasts for a single attack.

Thunderra: An AOE lightning attack. Eve summons 5 lightning bolts to rain down on an area with a radius of 10 ft. Not very precise, but it has a large range.Once the attack begins, it continues regardless of what Eve does. Lasts 5 seconds.

Thunderga Eve sends three lightning bolts to strike of radius 2 ft one after the other. Bolts have a chance of causing paralysis. 

Wormhole: Eve opens a "portal" which void thorn vines spill out of. Eve can control the direction and speed in which they travel. 

Master of Nothingness: Eve cannot be interrupted when casting Void spells

Void Seep: Eve targets a single opponent, creating an orb of white energy in her hand. A pair of silver-white cuffs appear on the opponent's wrist. As long as the cuffs are present, a small amount of damage is done to the wearer, restoring an equal amount of health to Eve. The cuffs can be destroyed with magic or magic-based attack, and the effect only ends when both are destroyed.

Psychosphere: Eve hurls a sphere of blue-white void energy at the opponent. (This is kind of a generic single target ranged attack)

Psychowave: Sends a pulse of blue-white void energy in a 10ft radius circle around Eve. Sends enemies flying backwards upon contact, and can be interrupted. Non-damaging. 3s charge time.

Psychoshift: Eve teleports to an unoccupied space within a 30ft radius circle. Cannot be used for 10s after.

Other: This will be a dynamic sign up, meaning that new information (such as abilities) may be signed up for the character over time.

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