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 Episode Fifteen: The Value of a Miracle Is...

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PostSubject: Re: Episode Fifteen: The Value of a Miracle Is...   Tue Aug 23, 2016 6:03 pm

Lunamon:<Kylie! Stay safe. Remember you're my partner and always will be!>

Biyomon:<We'll miss you! Cameron, I'll be in contact as soon as possible!>

*After a few final hugs, Cameron and Kylie walk through the portal. Lunamon sniffles, clutching Biyomon's arm and waving at Kylie. Biyomon uses his other arm to wave at Cameron. Terriermon eventually jumps off of Eve's shoulder*

Terriermon:<I guess...this is goodbye for now.>

*Eve nods stiffly*

Terriermon:<Don't lose hope. We'll meet again, even if I have to tear into your world to do it.>

*Eve smilies, then walks towards the portal. After considering it for a moment, she enters*
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PostSubject: Re: Episode Fifteen: The Value of a Miracle Is...   Wed Aug 24, 2016 2:48 am

With their final goodbyes, the others step through the portal which closes up behind them, leaving them in the park on a sunny afternoon and presumably part ways, Taiyo possibly thinking of trying to reach out to Euryale or realizing the futility of it and not bothering.

Perhaps what Renamon said to her applies to Euryale as well and everyone else as well.


Plutomon enters GranDracmon's throne room, the Dark DigiMemory in its possession.

Plutomon: "What should we do about this, GranDracmon?"

GranDracmon holds a hand out, the DigiMemory going to it.

GranDracmon: "I will ensure it reaches Zarek and a suitable guardian is found."

Plutomon: "Why don't you keep it? Nothing in this realm or the world above would dare try to take it from you."

GranDracmon: "I will not mettle in the affairs of the world above, nor do I want this here while the Demon Lords still live behind the gate with two in their possession."

Plutomon: "Then you are aware Millenniummon is searching for the Gate?"

GranDracmon: "Yes. And in that form, we are powerless to stop it."


In a realm existing within and without the Digital World much like the World of Darkness, Zarek stands before a bluish white sphere, still bearing the wounds from Euryale's assault. From the orb comes a [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] which I'm going to assume is blond and in a white dress, the chains of her attire emerging from the sphere.

???: "Zarek, I gave you emotions so you could identify with the Chosen Children, but you always take on more burdens than you need to."

Zarek: "I take on those burdens because I identify with them. I didn't just betray them, I betrayed those who formed the Royal Knights, I've betrayed my own kind and I've betrayed myself."

His wounds disappear when a second Zarek emerges from himself, each one opening a portal to different places in the Material World.

Zarek One: "Carly needs to know what happened to her partner."

Zarek Two: "A mother needs to know why she'll never see her son again."


Sometime in the future, Ogremon remain seated in Leomon's Ancestral Home overlooking an orange and white DigiTama, leaving only to ensure both their own and the survival of the next Leomon.

The egg begins to shake, a crack forming in it, Ogremon's eyes tearing up being the only one to get a happy ending.

Ogremon: "Come on, just a bit further."

The crack expands and eventually the egg breaks [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] being born into this brave new world.


In the present day, in a far and dark corner of the World of Darkness lies a [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] residing on a rock suspended in the air, a pair of PetitMamon residing outside the gate as they have for many years since their master and its comrades were sealed away so long ago.

From behind the gate, seven great demons reside, anticipating the promised time with the destruction of the Destiny Stones.

Lucemon: "The time has come."

A Luta Continua...
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Episode Fifteen: The Value of a Miracle Is...
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