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Largely because I hate searching for names and you people might want to remember things.

Year One

Notable Figures

Costumes, Mutants, and Vigilantes:
William Liddle: Former co-worker of Venezuela's at the humane society. Abilities include animal empathy, and can communicate verbally with animals.

Inquiry: A faceless man in a trench coat and fedora waging a small war on the Russian mafia.

Dark Shot: Mutant criminal that robbed a jewelery store, wounding three people. Abilities include creating and shaping dark energy which he can launch and throw like any projectile.

Fish: A young female Mutant who spends all her time at the beach. Abilities include being able to breathe underwater as well as survive intense underwater pressure (granting her superhuman strength above land) and communicate with aquatic life, both living and dead. As well as slowed aging.

Aeka: Japanese vigilante with a penchant for slicing up her opponents with her blade or taking them out with butterfly-shaped shuriken.

Tyranno Boys: Gang of mostly teens led by the mysterious Raptor. Crimes primarily involve murder, with robbery and extortion taking a backseat.

Manderlay PD:

Mayor Steve Ditko: Long standing mayor of Manderlay. Rumored to be bought off by the Russian mafia.

Commissioner Grant Morrison: Commissioner of Manderlay PD and head of the Major Crimes Unit which is tasked with stopping the Tyranno Boys.

Detective Jillian Raferty: Member of Manderlay's MCU who along with her partner found Venezuela while she was engaged with a few Tyranno Boys.

Detective Alec Crispus: Raferty's partner in the MCU, also on the scene when Venezuela encountered a couple members of the Tyranno Boys.

Sergeant Daniel Winslow: Member of the Mutant Busters division of the Manderlay PD.

Overview: Construction began in the center of the city, supposedly a company from the east coast expanding into Manderlay.

Ven met her new coworker, William who revealed himself to be a Mutant, noting that she isn't exactly human herself while one separate ends of the city, police were involved in stands off, one outside a suspected meth lab and another in a shoot out with the Tyranno Boys, resulting in the death of three officers.

William's first day was also his last, due to poor people skills on his part and Ven being threatened by his abilities ruining her job security.

During lunch hour, word of the stand off outside a suspected meth lab came to a close after intervention from a costumed vigilante described as a faceless man in a trench coat.

During this time, Ven encountered a couple members of the Tyranno Boys which filled her in on some of their morbid practices like having to fill a quota before returning to base.

Detectives Raferty & Crispus happened to be driving by during the encounter to apprehend two of the three Tyranno Boys. Raferty's soft spot for kids making Ven's life a little easier as she didn't take a statement.

Meanwhile, the stand off with the Tyranno Boys ended with three officer and four civilian casualties.

The Mutant Busters and the Manderlay PD arrest a Mutant known as Dark Shot who robbed a jewelery store, wounding three in the process.

During an evening news report, Commissioner Morrison appeared before the media to respond to a threatening video sent in by the Tyranno Boys leader, Raptor. In his response, Morrison called the Tyranno Boys on to attack him.

Cornered in an alley by Tyranno Boys, Hitomi's dormant power was unleashed. During this time, the vigilante Aeka intervened, slaying the Tyranno Boys.

With the end of the school year, comes plenty of violence from the Tyranno Boys a drive by resulting in three dead and twelve wounded. The drive by resulted in a chase and sixth shoot out between the police and Tyranno Boys within the month.

In most red states, especially those along the west coast, Henry Philips is ahead in the polls.

As well as the construction in the center of the city, construction began on the west side of the city near Triad territory, supposedly a nuclear power plant.

At the docks where Dalia decided to take a trip to, she unknowingly hears a gang shooting between the Yakuza and Triad, a sketchy looking dockworker being an informant for the Yakuza.

While leaving the docks, Dalia was cornered by Tyranno Boys. Using her abilities, she gave them the slip.

At the end, the Tyranno Boys remained at large and no difference was made. Construction at the center of the city points towards a skyscraper and Henry Philips wins the election.

Year Two

Notable Figures

Costumes, Mutants, and Vigilantes:

Inquiry: Faceless man in a fedora, seeking to put an end to the corruption in Manderlay, traversing the rooftops night and after for reasons he doesn't comprehend.

Aeka: Inquiry's assistant in his war against the Russian mafia.

Fish: Much like Year One, she is still at the beach in the same attire even when it rains.

Alchemist: Mutant criminal whose ability is to turn objects into periodic elements. From turning lead into gold and people into tungsten.

Watcher: A paraplegic operating in the clock tower above the old city hall. She informs Inquiry of all sorts information.

Spring Amore: Telepath that attends classes at Manderlay University.

Iron Duke: Costume that intervened when Luna was about to kill a Tyranno Boy. Costume is mostly kevlar and steel while his belt generates a force field that deflects most projectiles.

Black Ops: Costumed vigilante. Prefers to operate under the cover of night, using various stealth-based weapons from gas, to knives, to firearms fitted with suppressors made by the Gadgeteer.

Herbicide: Plant using Mutant employed by the Black Mask. More of a savage monster than human.


Tyranno Boys: Violent gang in a one sided war against the Russian mafia who have a vendetta against them due to having murdered the nephew of Kyle Malkovich.

Russian Mafia: Head crime organization within Manderlay, waging a war against the Tyranno Boys.

Red Crescent Demons: The top brass, Jackson Ryker the leader followed by second in-command Dimitri Kane, and the lieutenant, Omari Jones.

Black Mask: A mysterious organization that had been funding the Red Crescent Demons for some time, their leader desiring to turn Manderlay into a city of perpetual crime.

Kyle Malkovich: Leader of the Russian mafia, known for his hair trigger temper.

Sun-Hi: Kyle's assistant. In contrast to her employer, she remains calm and stoic at all times.

Manderlay PD:

Commissioner Grant Morrison, Detective Jillian Raferty, Detective Mark Millar, Sergeant Frank Miller, Sergeant Jeph Loeb

Harvey Zwei: Current District Attorney having got his start in Internal Affairs.

Overview: It opens with Inquiry and Aeka traversing the rooftops of the city, Aeka slaying a common purse snatcher, Luna only seeing the end result when she comes upon the scene.

Inquiry muses about the state of the country and why Henry Philips won the election. The people want the Mutants dealt with.

Foreseeing a crisis coming, Henry Philips puts the Dreadnaught Program into effect.

A news report during mid morning broadcasts that four people including a Mutant Busters officers are presumed dead when a Mutant known as Alchemist turned them into tungsten.

During noon hour, Aroma, Thiera, and Ven's lunch is interrupted when members of the Tyranno Boys fleeing from Russian gangsters enter the burger establishment they were in. A brief shoot out occurred, Thiera intervening.

When police entered, Venezuela recognized Detective Raferty when she had approached the trio to take statements.

In the Manderlay Memorial Cemetery, Azuma encounters Inquiry, where he decides to put his abilities to use.

On the television, an empty debate between editor for the Manderlay Times, Charlotte Wright and a defense attorney William Monroe about whether or not Mutants are hostile or not airs on Scott June show "I Say, You Say."

The Black Mask made itself known to the Red Crescent Demons whom had been funded by the unknown Organization for some time.

In the food court at the Southdale Mall, Eve & Jin witness the effects of the drug Dominoes for the first time when something like an IND from the novel Naked Lunch is jumping around, stripping, and tries to eat their own intestines after disemboweling them self.

In Father Grimm's church, a man strung out on Dominoes enters, making a mess of the floor while rambling on about bones. Grimm pushed the man away who then proceeded to choke on his own vomit.

Police noted the difference between this variant being white with black dots, while the one's from the mall were the reverse.

Jackson Ryker learns the organization funding his gang are creating Dominoes, Aroma, Taiyo, Thiera, and Ven finding someone that had died from a red variant of the drug, their.coming out party about being Mutants coming to an abrupt end.

During his first night out, Azuma tried to interrogate a Tyranno Boy, which only amounted to a feeling of shame before encountering Luna who came off as a total loon, so he went and solved a purse snatching before encountering Aeka & Inquiry.

Dalia's night on the town, resulted in her getting shot and brutally murdering some Tyranno Boys brutally.

Thiera's investigation of the red Domino reveal its purpose is to kill, having forced her containment plant into working overtime to do its thing.

Both Luna & Cameron had similar knights, getting shot at by Tyranno Boys, the latter due to being in the wrong place at the wrong time while the former went looking for trouble that resulted in her being chased by police.

After fleeing from the liquor store robbery and chase when police get involved, Cameron witnesses Inquiry & Aeka knock over a meth lab.

On top of more deaths, Dominoes had begun to be distributed in large quantities and worst of all, Ven dislikes Azuma.

Inquiry meets up with Watcher who informs him about the Dreadnaught Program being completed some time in the next year as well as some insight on the origins of the Dominoes drug.

Caught in the rain, Aroma meets and falls in love with a woman named Spring Amore while at the park, Taiyo confesses to liking Ven, but is shot down.

Luna attempts to interrogate a couple of Tyranno Boys only for Iron Duke to intervene when it becomes apparent she is going to do more than ask some questions.

Azuma, Dalia, and Grimm all meet, Grimm trying to start some trouble. Unfortunately for Azuma, he was too much to handle and fled.

At the docks, Inquiry encounters Black Ops who's investigating how the Tyranno Boys are getting their weapons. The two not seeing eye to eye and Black Ops being at a disadvantage, stepped aside.

Thiera stumbles upon a meth lab, Luna watching in the wings while elsewhere in town, Taiyo & Ven discuss the possibilities of Thiera being a vigilante.

While Thiera is tackling a meth lab, Inquiry deciding to switch things up, raids a warehouse owned by the Russians.

Luna meets Thiera, who's kind of a tool, but then again, so is she.

Azuma & Hitomi developed an odd relationship, using her abilities to view his memories, she often provided some insight into what he could do or even just reassurance.

Mimiru suits up to become a vigilante, her first night involves going around town searching for Inquiry, Azuma informing him about suspicious activity at the Oakwood Book Shop.

Luna viewed a truck being unloaded, Thiera eventually going to that location.

Azuma & Mimiru meet Iron Duke, introducing themselves as Frost Hound & Strong Arm respectively, neither them nor Iron Duke being too amused by it.

Azuma and Mimiru go to the construction site, Azuma getting them into the foreman's office and finds a file with the words Lightning Bolts: Justice Like Lightning.

Grimm came across the scene of Luna & Thiera fighting an unknown man and later the Mutant Herbicide, Grimm's incompetence preventing any form of victory.

After the fact, Thiera remains to view some corruption within the EMS.

Azuma & Mimiru met Cameron operating under the name Aquila, Eve who's operating under the name Evening Star, and Jin. Jin not having a name.

The Man In Black introduces himself to his people as Professor Hurt, adamant that the Black Mask will triumph.


Notable Figures

Costumes, Mutants, Vigilantes:

Wraith: Mutant employed by the Black Mask. Powers include being able to camouflage himself with his surroundings, intangibility as well as temporarily take on the abilities and memories of another through ingesting their blood. Fights with a large knife.

Jack Wellington: Mutant holding a high position within the bureaucratic sectors of the Mutant Busters. Appears as a skeleton due to his mutation turning his flesh and organs transparent. Skin is corrosive to the touch.

Inquiry: Condemns Grapevine's idealistic view point about donning the costume and protecting the city.

Watcher: Shares the opposite view of Inquiry in regards to Grapevine.

Aeka: One of two out of three surviving candidates from a three decade old superhuman program.

Jammer: Mutant apart of the Lightning Bolts division of the Mutant Busters. Her ability is telepathically shutting down the abilities of other Mutants.

Peacemaker: Former member of The Patriots, a group of government sanctioned Costumes from the late seventies to early eighties.

Clover: Member of the Lightning Bolts. Twin sister to Crimson, both of which have severe issues preventing them from being apart. Manipulates plants.


Saifullah: Middle Eastern man employed by the Black Mask. First appeared at the Southdale Mall when a Domino's addict was let loose in the food court.

Zulu: Assassin of African descent employed by the Black Mask. Made an attempt on Grimm's life, but fled when the heat got too unbearable and Wraith stepped in.

Professor Hurt: Enigmatic leader of the Black Mask. Little is known about him outside of his organization is responsible for Domino's being introduced to the streets.

Kyle Malkovich & Sun-Hi.

Shinji Tokugawa: Leader of the Yakuza, less prone to outbursts than Malkovich.

Gadgeteer: Eccentric arms manufacturer operating in Manderlay. Builds gadgets and gear for those with money and something of a plan. Has ties to Inquiry.

Tony Gottfried aka Speedy: Young Mutant whose ability of enhanced speed affects not only his movement, but his body's own ability to heal.

Sage: A young woman whose ability is to manipulate air molecules, adding or removing them from somewhere. Imprisoned as she found out about her ability when she accidently killed her boyfriend.

Alchemist: Inmate at Clansfield after murdering three people. Presently in the maximum security wing.

Raptor: Animalistic leader of the Tyranno Boys. Abilities are superhuman speed which alsl effects his body's own healing abilities.

Manderlay PD:

The General: Recruitment officer for the Lightning Bolts. A brickhouse of a man who may have gotten his job as he's too rough to be anywhere else.


Begins with a news broadcast about the Tyranno Boys murdering a husband and wife, refusing to be outdone by the Black Mask whom they see merely as drug peddlers. This marks the first time the name Black Mask has been mentioned on television.

Behind the Yakuza owned nightclub Club Inferno, two people were found dead after long time use of the Red Domino variant.

Azuma & Hitomi's boss at the bookstore had a run in with Inquiry after Azuma inadvertently ratted him out, resulting in him being thrown through a window.

Grimm is attacked in his church by an assassin sent by the Black Mask. Grimm manages to overpower the assassin who flees, but in the process in wounded and forced to flee when a Mutant named Wraith interferes, the church being burned down in the process.

Elsewhere in the city, Thiera attempts to interrogate some members of the Tyranno Boys that had been getting ice cream at the same establishment she had went to with Aroma & Ven.

Apprehending them when they resort to violence, Thiera has to deal with the angry citizens that would rather the Tyranno Boys be killed than arrested.

Grimm's dormant ability surfaced in time to save him, but did not prevent him from being arrested and taken to the Clanstein Rehabilitation Clinic where he first meets Jack.

The Big Buzz Arcade, a popular hang out of the Tyranno Boys was suspected to have been bombed by the Black Mask in retaliation for their remark earlier in the day.

While looking to scope out the arcade, Azuma & Mimiru encounter Luna who had the same idea. Like their first meeting, this one was also unpleasant.

Luna stumbles across one of the many meth labs in the city as it's being attacked while Azuma & Mimiru eavesdrop of a conversation between some Tyranno Boys about a weapons shipment coming in at the docks.

After spending all day, coming up with disguises, Cameron, Eve, and Jin attempt to find clues about Dominos which takes them to Club Inferno where they come up empty.

Grimm and Jack converse, Jack telling Grimm the purpose of the facility which is to find potential candidates for a team of Mutant criminals as a way of redeeming themselves.

Kyle Malkovich pays a visit to Shinji Tokugawa to find answers after one of his people lost an arm to a Japanese woman unknown to them as Aeka.

Cameron, Eve, and Jin continue playing junior detectives, looking for Domino leads which leads them to a house party, but due to the police being called no lead could be had.

Luna and Dalia have an encounter which results in a brief scuffle, but no one is hurt or dead.

Across town, the Tyranno Boys storm the Russian owned club, Tempest. Azuma & Mimiru stumble upon the scene, trying to break up the fight that gets directed towards them, fleeing the scene when a gun is directed at them.

After learning about the upcoming events at the docks, Azuma teleports the captive Tyranno Boy to the police which eventually leads them to Luna who is informed of the events at the docks.

Malkovich pays a trip to the Gadgeteer after hearing word of the shooting at Tempest. Malkovich requests something similar yet a step up from what the government is working on. Gadgeteer then calls Inquiry about the request.

In an attempt at a second round of junior detectives, Jin headed off with a pair of stoners who had more in mind than just getting stoned while Dalia gets held up for her wallet elsewhere in the city by a Domino addict.

While Jin is making new friends, Cameron reads the Grapevine and is first to witness the bombshell that is Thiera's identity being revealed.

Jin did not get laid which is probably for the best and learned some dude named Guy Montag is a loon, hence why a loser like her, Cameron & Eve got invited to a popular kids party.

Grimm meets Jammer, The General, Tony Gottfried, Sage, and Alchemist, as well as being informed of a trip to Arclight.

With the bombshell of Thiera's identity, Cameron, Eve, and Jin, The Junior Detectives try to contact Thiera to meet her. A gesture she has yet to return even on the day after.

While those heading to the docks suited up, the news recapped a hostage situation that Luna was near the vicinity of, but ignored resulting in the death of the heir to a fast food chain.

While The Junior Detectives stumble upon a meth lab, Thiera meets Azuma & Mimiru, everyone all costumed up for what will be the first act of their exciting night.

The Costumes manage to cause enough of a commotion on the docks for the Tyranno Boys to flee to the dump while the meth lab operation takes a turn for the worst when Cameron is shot.

Aroma informs the Costumes the Tyranno Boys are at the dump where the second act of their night comes about, concluding with a fight against Raptor that results in relatively minor injuries all around, the most severe being a broken arm on Azuma's end.

Due to the mess that occurred with The Junior Detectives, Cameron is hospitalized, Jin had to talk with police and Eve is probably grounded.

The Costumes had to flee the scene after immobilizing Raptor due to the Mutant Busters flying overhead.

War On Crime

Notable Figures

Costumes, Mutants & Vigilantes: Aeka, Inquiry, Jack Wellington, Jammer, Raptor, Iron Duke

Crimson: Clover's twin sister and member of the Lightning Bolts. Abilities include pyrokenesis and separation anxiety.

Clover: Crimson's twin sister and member of the Lightning Bolts. Abilities are control over plants and separation anxiety.

Basil Carla aka Pale Man: A Mutant being held in Arclight Asylum. His mutation caused his body to atrophy and become a host pf numerous diseases which he can spread with a single touch.

Oswald Zasz aka Grave Digger: A Mutant who can transmit apart of himself into the bodies of dead humans. The raised dead have limited abilities having mostly been used as pack mules.

Pandora Isley aka Rosebud: A violent misanthropic Mutant with a disdain for humanity which she views as a plague on mother nature. Identifies as a plant rather than a Mutant.

Neil O'Brian aka Putty Man: An incredibly unstable possibly insane Mutant whose ability involves changing his very being into any object that comes to mind. His instability resulted in him being kept in cryostasis beneath Arclight Asylum.

Nightshade: A mysterious female telepathic Mutant who keeps herself restrained in an abandoned warehouse on the docks.

Roman Samford aka Dagon: One of Arclight more animalistic Mutants. A deeply paranoid and superstitious man before his mutation turned him into a quasi-aquatic monster, his specially made cell is covered in runes and sigils which he is convinced are what is keeping him trapped inside the asylum.

Ralph Rayner aka Panthera: One of Arclight's more animalistic Mutant patients. His initial abilities were enhanced senses and strengths, but his body began to change and with it his sanity declined until he was essentially a giant panther.

Curtis Donner aka Croc: Arclight's most feared patient among the animalistic trio. On top of enhanced strength and senses, he has an uncanny ability to override a person's Basal ganglia just by being near them. Whether or not he knows about this is unknown. His outward mutations resulted in him resembling an enormous lizard. It was Curtis who bit off Aaron Stone's hand which resulted in a number of changes to the asylum's security.

Jared Ryder aka Armstrong: A real-life Stretch Armstrong that's virtually indestructible. Currently inhabiting Clanstein's maximum security ward alongside Isaac Grimm. Both are apart of the Contingency Squad.

Cloud: One of two survivors from a decades old super soldier program along with Aeka. As opposed to Aeka, he's quite talkative.

William Liddle: Ven's former co-worker now working campus security to pay through his veterinary course.

Herbicide: Plant wielding Mutant under the control of the Black Mask.

Tony Gottfried aka Speedy: Mutant with super speed being mentored by Morrison Sells.

Morrison Sells: Mutant working with the Lightning Bolts. Has the ability to see into the future although he seems to know more about Tony's abilities than someone in his position should.

Summer Amore: Spring Amore's twin sister, sharing the same abilities as she does.

Criminals: Professor Hurt, Tyranno Boys, Kyle Malkovich, Sun-Hi

Wyatt Wilson aka Deathstrike: Assassin hired by Professor Hurt to kill Thiera.

Daisy Wilson aka Ravage: Wyatt's daughter and partner on the job.

Furious Five: Group of five assassins.

Hansel: Leader of the Northern Cross Syndicate. Considered a low-life by Pike, Kyle thinks introducing some young blood into the organization can be beneficial.

Pike: Cambodian woman working within the Russian mob. Largely controls the club circuit and the drugs and prostitution within her places of business.

Boon-Nam: Thai member of the Russian mob who controls the drug manufacturing and distribution throughout the city barring the club circuit.

Kali: Deadly female assassin specializing in hand to hand combat to eliminate her targets.

Momba: Augmented female assassin who specializes in poisons and primarily hand to hand combat to eliminate her targets.

Mathew Synder aka Pyrox: Pyromaniac turned hired gun whose M.O is to eliminate his targets with a flamethrower.

Floyd Dower aka Straight Shot: Self-proclaimed world's greatest marksman and assassin who's M.O is to use firearms specifically his specially made wrist mounted machine guns, but is well versed in more traditional firearms.

Anthony "Boomer" Hargrove: Inmate at Schwarzstein with a history of working with Miranda's Contingency Squad. Has a bone to pick with Miranda over an incident in Peru as well as a vendetta against Floyd Dawson.

Creeper: Jeremiah Arclight's alter ego. Uses a powerful hallucinogenic to enhance a person's fears.

Deadhead: A Mutant mercenary known for being quite crazy if not outright insane. Tends to talk to himself and people who are not present.

Pain: A Mutant mercenary who tends to take jobs that he believes will further his own political motives.

Manderlay PD: Detective Crispus Alec, Detective Jillian Raferty, Commissioner Grant Morrison, Harvey Zwei, Sergeant Jeph Loeb & Frank Miller.

Miranda "The Wall" Waller: Head of the Lightning Bolts contrary to Jack saying he was.

Morrison Sells: Wheelchair restricted member of the Lightning Bolts and Miranda's right hand due to his ability to see into the near future, a gift he likes to use to get under Miranda's skin.


Jeremiah Arclight: Warden and head therapist of Arclight Asylum, his great grandfather Amadeus Arclight having founded the place many years ago, having converted the Arclight mansion into an institution to help the mentally ill. The establishment being named after his wife Elisa.

Aaron Stone: Head security guard of Arclight Asylum. Lost his right hand when one of the asylum's more animalistic patients bit it off. This resulted in a change of security measures to a keypad system rather than a hand print scanner.

Summer Amore: Twin sister to Spring Amore who's set to act as Grimm's therapist.

Hartley Bullock: Retired police officer working campus security.

Overview: The Costumes goes their separate ways after fleeing from the dump, Raptor presumably taken into custody.

Across town, Jin is still left holding Cameron who had passed out from his wounds, trying to find someone to treat him in the hospital parking lot, afraid that going inside will result in him being detained.

Eventually she caves and takes him inside where he's taken to be treated while she gives a statement to Detectives Alec & Raferty, the former being fairly unhappy with Jin's disregard for authority.

Back at the dump, Thiera finds her plants are gone and the police and EMS personalle are searching the area for the wounded.

Elsewhere in the city, Professor Hurt hires a Father-Daughter assassin duo to kill Thiera.

On the morning news, Raptor is revealed to have been taken to Schwarzstein for unstated reasons, taunting the Costumes from the night before as well as the Tyranno Boys declaring war on the city.

Mayor Ditko states in three days he will personally negotiate with Raptor.

At the hospital, Cameron meets Miranda Waller where she has him injected with nanites to keep tabs on him as well as subdue or eliminate him should he become a problem. With all the subtlety of a freight train, Miranda threatened Kylie should he do something stupid.

And Grimm is informed of the trip he and other members of the Lightning Bolts will be taking to Arclight Asylum while Luna begins to make her way to the docks.

Detectives Alec & Raferty arrive at the hospital to take a statement from Cameron while across town, Kyle Malkovich holds a meeting with high ranking members of his organization where they discuss the events about the Tyranno Boys and the repeated hits on the meth labs.

While Grimm and others from Clanstein are given a tour through Arclight Asylum and Luna investigates the docks, Eve goes to the university for a tour where she meets Thiera and Aroma.

In Manderlay Central, Commissioner Morrison and Harvey Zwei discuss the mayor's press conference and the overall effect the Mutants and Costumes have on the city.

At the asylum, the first new recruit Grave Digger was recruited into the Lightning Bolts and while on the way to recruit Pandora Isley, Jack dropped a real atom bomb on Jeremiah about having knowledge of a patient that is largely kept off record.

At the docks, Luna encountered Iron Duke and Nightshade after her attempts at talking to some dock workers failed due to their refusal to cooperate with a "Freak." Luna is quick to jump to the conclusion that she stumbled upon some kind of rape dungeon as asking questions is job number four.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Cameron begins to tell Jin about his encounter with Miranda which luckily for him, the nanobots that were injected into him aren't listening devices.

Due to Grimm's instability, the Lightning Bolts group was told to leave Arclight and never return, Jeremiah contacting Miranda who was en route to Schwarzstein at the time. The actions of Jack and The General forcing her to move up her timetable for beginning something dubbed the Contingency Squad.

Luna going by the name Specter rather than Spook as repeatedly suggested contacts Thiera to aid her in interrogating Iron Duke whose trip to the docks was cut short by an attack by Deathstrike and Ravage while back at the university, Eve pesters Aroma whose social ineptitude results in her thinking Eve is trying to make a threeway happen or something.

Miranda recruits Anthony Hargrove to be apart of the Contingency Squad. She also receives a call stating Wyatt Wilson is in the city, news that greatly disturbs her. Meanwhile, Grapevine is in a bad situation when Deathstrike throws a white phosphorus incendiary grenade at her.

Having been watching t.v at the time, Azuma learns of Grapevine's ordeal and teleports in to help her out while back at Arclight, Jeremiah gases a patient under the identity of Creeper.

At the university, someone kills over from excessive Red Domino use while not far from the university, Lightning Bolts operatives are deployed with orders to apprehend Deathstrike.

Still on the freeway, Cloud offers Luna a ride to the scene where Grapevine and Frost Hound are tangoing with Deathstrike and Ravage, having no idea who Grapevine is.

At Clanstein, Grimm is introduced to Jared Ryder, a porn addict who has also been recruited into the Contingency Squad which he calls the Suicide Club.

Deathstrike fled the scene of the attack on Grapevine after Ravage steps out of line. While being reprimanded, Ravage gouged out one of her eyes so she can be just like her father.

At the university, someone drops dead from long term use of the red domino variant leading to Aroma and Eve being speaking to detectives Miller and Loeb, the former not being able to get Aroma's last name right. This and their lack of subtlety when talking about Grapevine resulted in some journalist major heckling them for information and Eve using her powers to escape.

In the sewers, Lightning Bolt officers attempt to intervene and were either forced to retreat or in the case of one officer, died from being impaled by one of Herbicide's roots. Cloud commandeered an officer's weapon loaded with a chemical agent designed to suppress a Mutant's abilities.

In a last ditch effort to kill Grapevine and Cloud before the agent took effect, Herbicide collapsed the tunnel, burying himself rather than the others.

While Luna, Grapevine, and Cloud went through the tunnels, following the thermal trail Grapevine had been tracking, they were attacked by the Mutant assassin Wraith.

Lightning Bolt operatives intervene, forcing Luna and Grapevine to flee after Grapevine gets a message showing her mom's house with a caption asking how much Binah Psyche's life is worth.

The Lightning Bolts detained Wraith unbeknownst to them that he is to be inducted into the Contingency Squad.

All over the city, a fast moving blur was seen culminating in the mall parking lot when a number of vehicles exploded.

During the night, The Too Huge Crew featuring Artemis the Tag-along Kid met an apparent Mutant not known to them as Kazam. He demonstrated the ability of flight, super speed, super strength, and later heat vision, Thiera not taking kindly to his damn near caving a Tyranno Boy's chest in.

Outside a Russian meth lab, they're engaged by the Furious Five who put up one hell of a fight. Due to some poor luck on either her own or the assassin's end, Thiera got to witness a man's head explode which she did not take too kindly to seeing, having fled to throw up all over an alley.

Elsewhere in the city, Inquiry met with an unnamed Brit who had information on the assassins hired to find him and Aeka.

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Re: Recaps

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You missed Clover.


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Re: Recaps

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Clover never appeared, having only been mentioned.

Hence why Peacemaker is also unlisted.

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Re: Recaps

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Still a good idea to list them.

Besides, we already know all about Clover, I told you, she's a teenage girl, shy & innocent, but spunky & cheerful.


"Sephiroth would play Aerith's theme at his funeral, if only to remind us all what a complete bastard he was."
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Unyielding Force of Thoroughbred Penis
Unyielding Force of Thoroughbred Penis

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Re: Recaps

Post by Neo Bahamut on Sat May 06, 2017 2:20 am

Since Harley doesn't use this topic, I'm going to put it to some good with a list of things I need to remember:

>Thiera has christened Deathstroke & Cloud as Shoot Man & Mr. Oreo, respectively. Luna was actually Mighty Oak. She knows Shoot Man is Wade Wilson.
>Ven is a gifted skater, Thiera not so much, & Aroma is average.
>Azuma & Luna hate each other for some reason, but it's unclear why. I might just say that Luna forgot who Azuma even is.
>Turns out Aroma actually tried to turn Spring down, not ask her out. Also, she implied she somehow knew Taiyo was of the homosexual persuasion.
>Thiera's ring tone is static, because it is the cosmic background radiation, & therefore a reminder that the universe is talking to itself.
>Taiyroma are going to meet for sushi & then a walk on the beach.
>Thiera knows that Specter is a woman, but not her identity, & may or may not have told Aroma.
>The apartment is on the 3rd floor & has "...a social center with fitness facilities, including a pool, & there's even an LGBT group that meets once a week." 2 bed 1 bath.
>Thiera has stored some of Raptor's genes in her plants for future use.
>Apparently detective noir is the equivalent of the real world's superhero craze.
>Ven is currently airbrushed to look less muscular, while Thiera has a fake tan & dyed red hair.
>S'bu has "close cropped hair and a small beard on his chin," with slightly darker amber eyes.
>Taiyo is a Junior.


"Sephiroth would play Aerith's theme at his funeral, if only to remind us all what a complete bastard he was."
Neo Bahamut
Unyielding Force of Thoroughbred Penis
Unyielding Force of Thoroughbred Penis

Posts : 21474
Join date : 2010-11-04
Age : 26
Location : PA, The State of the Cow's Asshole

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Re: Recaps

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