Episode Three: Beneath the Deep

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Re: Episode Three: Beneath the Deep

Post by HarleyThomas on Sun Sep 15, 2013 4:10 am

The tentacle Dorugamon was mauling falls lifelessly into the sea while Dorugamon eats shit, crashing on the beach reverting to Dorumon.

With a little help from all their friends, Scorpiomon's shell breaks, data spilling out of the hole in its back.

Taomon paints a seal in the air with her brush and a blast of white energy vaporizes Scorpiomon as it tries in vain to burrow away.

MegaSeadramon dives back down while Mantaraymon washes up on the shore, unable to match MarineDevimon who follows it up, a tentacle hanging lifelessly behind it while the other thrashes about.

Biyomon is unable to Digivolve although something happens as both Cameron and Roatha's Digivice vibrates, the words DNA Digivolution scrolling across the screen.


Zarek: "Is that what this is about? You view yourself as a monster? Do you know what Dynasmon did after LordKnightmon's death? It certainly wasn't turn into some kind of anti-hero. We can return you to your former self and purge the virus that courses through you."

BlackWarGreymon: "I may be who I was on the outside, but you can't cleanse what I am on the inside. This is my punishment."

Zarek: "What kind of path are you walking? At this rate, whether you live or die, you won't be a hero. Do you remember when you could say you were a hero?"

BlackWarGreymon: "I've lived long enough to see myself become a villain. And that is how I will die. The walls of Anubimon's pyramid are testament to that."

To be continued...

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