Manderlay PD

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Manderlay PD

Post by HarleyThomas on Tue Oct 30, 2012 5:49 pm

For outlining the currently introduced members of the Manderlay Police Department.

Comissioner Grant Morrison

Current Comissioner of the Manderlay Police Department and head of the Major Crime Unit where he handpicks each member based on their skills and cleanliness of their record. A difficult task to do given the rampant corruption throughout a good portion of the department.

Former Marine having done multiple tours of duty throughout Kuwait, Cambodia, Iraq during both conflicts and Afghanistan before an honorable discharge when he then joined the police force like his father and his father before him.

Lieutenant Mark Millar

Second in command of the Manderlay MCU, Millar joined the acadamy fresh out of high school where he was a top athlete in football, basketball, and track. Like Morrison, the men in the family have a long history in the Manderlay PD.

Sergeant Frank Miller

A private eye turned police officer dealing primarily with drug related cases. Presently working with the states DEA to deal with the heavy trafficing of methanphetamine in the city.

Sergeant Jeph Loeb

A member of the narcotics division working with the DEA to put a stop to the heavy methanphetamine production in the city. His family has a long history in the Manderlay PD. His dialect is frowned upon on part of coming across as backwards during more liberal times.

Jillian "Jill" Raferty

One of the few female detectives in the Major Crime Unit, tasked with handling some of the bigger non-Mutant related crimes such as bringing down the Tyranno Boys gang who were all handpicked by the comisioner. Has a soft spot for children and tend to tackle crimes involving children.

Crispus Alec

Jillian's partner and another member of the MCU. Fairly old school in his way of interrogating perps through intimidation and on more than one occasion has been said to have taken a phone directory to a suspect. Some rumors about his methods have recently come to light with the Tyranno Boys case

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