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 Palace Sections

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PostSubject: Palace Sections   Wed Sep 07, 2011 9:47 pm

The known sections of Helzol Palace. The palace has no defined physical shape on the inside, and it consists of small dimensions, these sections, drifing in a sort of void with nothing but thick white mist, which the soldiers must cross between sections.

Grand Hall
Size: Large
Description: Beyond the palace's large entrance doors is the Grand Hall. It's a dark and wide room with floor carpeted crimson and walls and ceiling of black marble. A wide staircase, also carpeted, leads to a large wooden door near the ceiling.
Access: All soldiers.

The Crossroads
Size: Small
Description: From the void through a small wooden door is the Crossroads section. It's a small but very tall cilindric room with walls and floor of stone bricks that could very well be the inside of a tower. It's a very dark room, with no light other than the one provided by a glowing purple swirling circle on the floor in the middle of the room. This is a portal that can lead anywhere in Leudella provided the mysterious Gatekeeper, a soldier responsible for guarding this section, is given the right coordinates.
Access: All soldiers.

Melodic Flow
Size: Small
Description: From the void and through a narrow tunnel is the Melodic Flow, a small dark cave chamber in dark greyish blue rock split in two by a flowing river a few yards below. A rock arc connects the two sides of the chamber over the river. The chamber's only light source is the river itself, which emanates a bright blue glow and beatiful harp melody is constantly heard echoing in this section.
Access: All soldiers.

Forgotten Dungeons
Size: Endless
Description: An endless, labyrinthic medieval dungeon of old smelly cells. One descends into it by taking a staircase down from the void. It is dim-lit in the area around the staircase, where the least vicious prisioners are held and the soldiers patrol the area, but myths say it only gets darker the further you go, with more and more dangerous prisioners and ferocious beasts and demons to keep guard.
Access: Generals; All soldiers under specific orders.

Fallen Eternity
Size: Small
Description: Walking through the void in its direction, one comes to a large stone arc with the statue of a gargoyle with its eyes closed, on one knee. Through the arc is the hospital ward of Helzol. A circular room of stone resembling the inside of an medieval tower with no ceiling, several dark blue beds hanging from the void mist above supported by thick chains, several dark blue metal cabinets, and countless blue gems embedded in the walls that emanate a bright glow, illuminating the room. The best long-term healing specialist of the army is in charge of this ward.
Access: All soldiers.

Mirror of Shadows
Size: Small
Description: ???
Access: Legel.

Size: Large
Description: Group of caverns in the army with walls that are bright during the day but dark at night. Across the caverns are countless secret passages into its rocks, within which are the small bedrooms of each of the soldiers.
Access: All soldiers.

General Chambers
Size: Small
Description: Rooms that automatically change according to their owner's personality and thoughs, the three known ones have come to become the generals' private chambers.
Crone's Chamber - ???
Lumyr's Chamber - ???
Empty Chamber - Formerly Ryzell's, this chamber has since his departure stripped itself of all that was related to him and is now an empty cavern.
Access: Generals.
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Palace Sections
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