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 Battle Chip Database

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PostSubject: Battle Chip Database   Wed May 18, 2011 5:15 pm

List of Battle Chips and respective effects:

Sword*Temporarily tranforms one of the Navi's hands into a light sword.
Shotgun*Fires off a shot into the enemy and through it into those directly behind.
Spreader*Fires off a shot that explodes, damaging a wider area.
AirShot1*Fires off a shot that damages the target and blows it back.
V-Gun*Fires off a shot that divided to hit a V-shaped area.
IcemanBlows a freezing blizzard towards several enemies.
SpiderFires off a set of five explosive cards towards multiple enemies.
StarmanSummons comet rain down upon multiple enemies.
ProtomanFires off an energy beam across nearby enemies.
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Battle Chip Database
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